Shopping center in Karachi

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relation, stories and magic.”

The Walk – Shopping Mall In Karachi

Experience the surreal walking space at North Walk, the unique shopping mall in Karachi that breathes life into the pleasures of a healthy lifestyle and human interaction. Beyond just shopping, North Walk offers an unparalleled experience that goes above and beyond in enhancing your well-being and social interactions.

Human activity is what one would need to clear their head or take a fresh breath and that is exactly what North Walk brings to life. This shopping mall in Karachi brims North Nazimabad with an energy-encapsulating spirit.

150,000 SQ.FT

Strip along Main Sher Shah Suri Rd

336 + 336 FT

Wide Storefront

50,000 SQ.FT

Underground parking space

1300 FT

Walking Area

Glass Facade Mega Storefronts

North Walk kept in mind to break the monotony of the concrete surroundings of North Nazimabad. The best shopping mall in Karachi Northwalk was designed as a building that creates permeability amongst the street and the building and gives the area a fresh sight to behold.

This retail space in Karachi has got a fancy glass facade going on that creates a seamless connection between the exterior and the interior.

The Food-Top Experience

A worthwhile feature of Northwalk is its rooftop dining restaurant where you will be amazed by the mesmerizing view of Karachi’s night sky, completely star-studded and with finger-licking food served by professional chefs and well-known food outlets in Karachi. Offering a comfortable and memorable dine-in experience in a family-friendly environment with an aerial view of the city of lights accompanied by delicious food satisfying your cravings.

The overall experience at the Northwalk’s rooftop dining is a memorable one with the best combination of beautiful ambiance and delicious delicacies with hearty efforts from team Northwalk to provide top-notch customer services.

The Screen-Magnitude and Modernity

The Northwalk has made a mark with its modern and magnificent approach. When it comes to appealing to the audience, the Northwalk does it modern and massive with outdoor SMD Screens.

With very expansive, high-resolution images, graphics and enormous displays from the SMD screens The Northwalk shines all over Nazimabad alluring passersby to shop every now and then, and is all about being seen by the local market so everyone knows what’s in store before they walk in.

LED Advertising Screens

Elevators, Escalators & Security

It is North Walk’s firm belief that movements and escalation make or break the shopping mall experience. With so many retail spaces, North Walk brings high-speed elevators & escalators making the commute faster, providing swift transit, and implementing top-notch security measures to make the shopping mall in Karachi worth every visit.

North Walk makes sure the shopping mall experience for each visitor is safe, smooth, and pleasant.

50,000 SQ.FT of Underground Parking Space

No shopping mall experience is pleasant when one is met with a parking nightmare. North Walk in this equation comes out as a shopping mall in Karachi as one of the most accommodating parking areas. The shopping mall was conceived with the point to make sure to provide ample space to the visitors for seamless parking so the shopping mood isn’t completely destroyed.

The Pride of North

With a thriving population of mixed ethnicities, the North is the epitome of Karachi’s fabric where inclusivity is embedded in it. Many notable landmarks have opened in other parts of town over the years, the North walk, shopping mall in Karachi has always demanded one that speaks of magnitude and modernity.