With the spreading realm of the e-commerce world, the dynamics of shopping have undergone significant evolution and revolution, contributing to the increasing options and convenience of consumers today. Nevertheless, the contest between the conventional ‘shop in concrete stores’ and the thriving ‘online shopping continues to be weighed against each other.

Despite the many advantages of online shopping offering a wide range of options, convenience, and crowd-free shopping experience to customers, traditional in-store shopping, particularly ‘shopping in malls’ claims multiple benefits, worthy of contemplation. Let us ponder over the 5 reasons customers choose to ‘shop in store’ and in malls.

1. Nothing like a hands-on experience:

You might want to order your staple groceries online to get through your busy schedules,  but various categories of products, particularly accessories; eyeshades, jewelry, watches, make-up, clothes, and footwear, you would agree, call for a hands-on trial and review. Spare yourself the hassle of return and exchange with a hint of sales representative assistance and a range of options available at hand for quick comparison, so that you are likely to end up with a personalized and satisfactory shopping experience.

For perfect retail therapy under one roof, try shopping in malls like North Walk mall in Karachi the hub of North Nazimabad with far more variety and choices of shoes, clothes, and accessories to suit your style!

Feel the rush of happy hormones, instantly

Shopping in itself is known to produce the feel-good hormones–endorphins and dopamine. How about getting a taste of them instantly rather than waiting for it every time you order them online? Imagine the pleasurable ride back home when your car is carrying your favorite dress and shoes smelling the fragrance from that concrete shop.

Shopping in malls with ample space, organized shops, and a cool ambiance, further, elevates a mere shopping experience to a perfect hang-out with friends/family, food, and games. Be it any weather, event, or festival, our premises-the North Walk remain high-functional with maintained temperatures, cleanliness, and customer service.

Remember to stay within your budget for the urge to re-experience the happy rush is simply addictive!

2. There’s something in the traditional way

It is fair to assume that there is a generational divide between those who choose the traditional way to the present-day shopping methods. For all those customers, not very tech-savvy or seeking an independent shopping experience, retail stores, and shopping malls are a relief. After all, who would want to miss a chance at a good bargain with the seller, not really possible online!

Not to mention, the cool environment and well-functioning escalator, provide an even safer and more comfortable shopping experience than stopping by local markets, significantly for the elderly and parents with infants to handle!

3. Get your hands on the irresistible in-store promotions and deals!

Brands usually advertise their outlets through free giveaways, catchy deals, and promotional offers. At the end of the day, who minds a free accessory or a discounted dress! Time and again feel free to visit the North Walk mall for many squeal-worthy treats and surprises.

4. Explore local brands and support them

As much as businesses are now penetrating the online market, a decent percentage of retail stores and vendors still depend exclusively on walk-in customers. It won’t take much effort to support them in this competitive business era by stepping out and trying out their products and recommending them to your family and friends. You never know you might stumble upon an emerging brand that will catch your fancy.

The North Walk Mall, at North Nazimabad, Karachi, welcomes customers to visit and experience a memorable in-shop shopping spree under a well-maintained, state-of-the-art retail facility and security establishment.