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Go back to the Game Review page. Age of Empires is a historical real-time strategy game created by Ensemble Studios and published Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is the first chapter of a famous tactical game series created Civilization II, or simply Civ2, is the second chapter of the most famous turn-based strategy Game Caesar II Size Help us with a donation GamesNostalgia is a free site maintained by volunteers.

Age of Empires Age of Empires is a historical real-time strategy game created by Ensemble Studios and published Caesar Series. Can you do as the Romans did and build the ultimate city? It is the full version of the game. You must install the game yourself.

You need these programs for the game to run. Always disable your anti virus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting the crack files. If you need additional help, click here. Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish. Once Caesar II is done downloading, right click the. Double click inside the Caesar II folder and run the exe application. Have fun and play!

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So modders take your chance, the tools are there. Had a problem with c2. Music problem- you will have to run the autorun and push the right button. After that it should play sound. Sorry for such crappy walkthrough with no details and names of menu options, but it should do it…. Comment by unknown user — August 11, pm. Yes there are. On my cd they have their own folder. Any idea?

I downloaded from some abandonment website probably that is why they are gone. Anyway where we can find where to get the XML files or care to upload? Comment by unknown user — August 19, pm. Comment by Stephen Taylor — November 9, am. So if you have the Version 1. Comment by Nick Fagerlund — December 25, pm. The problem only seemed to occur in the Windows 95 version of CII, so the solution is to have both the Windows and the DOS version installed, and then swap the save file between the two versions.

Here are the steps. Starting with the Windows version 1. As soon as you are nearing your promotion, start saveing often; every few months or so. The name of the save may need to be shorter than 8 letters 2.

When you are promoted, decline the offer and quit Caesar II without saveing. Go to where the Windows 95 version of Caesar II is installed and copy the.

Launch the DOS version and load the. Wait until you are promoted. Select your new province and then save your game immediately. Quit Caesar II and copy the new. Launch the Windows version again and load the new game. I hope this helps. Send me an Email at, jbull2 sbcglobal. This will give you every thing you need to play and run the game using the original instructions given on this page. Have Fun!!! Hi, I followed the instructions, and the game is running, it even has sound, but the sound is running super fast..

He can only keep saying plebs are needed over and over and over and over so many times before I start pulling my hair out. Ol, I have the CD and when I play the game background music.

But when the game in DOS mode to hear another song. I wish it was the music that plays when you play the CD. Please Help!! Please help! I eventually ran across a site that claims it is now abandon ware and offers it for free download, along with a lot of other dos games. Could someone verify that this is a legal and safe download?

I took the risk and it seems to be working fine, just have to put the finishing touches in sound etc but it seems to be the real deal. Is there a specific thing to do or a specific place to put it? If you have no sound, quit the game, and in the dosbox, type call setsound. As for comment , its probably already resolved itself, you need to extract all the files into the caesar2 dir, then restart the dosbox, mount everything again and restart the game. Any changes made to the actual directory from windows will not be in the dosbox untill its reloaded.

Mounting is making a virtual image of the directory, only changes made to it from within dosbox register. Though this is a guide for installing the game and running it via DOSBox, it is easily possible to install and run this game on Vista and 7 using the Windows 95 version.

After running setup. This is because it is looking for wing This is easiest and safest to obtain if you have an older operating system that already contains this file. Comment by BobtheBuilder — February 5, pm. I can get the game to run well enough, but the graphics are all messed up — primitive, more like Caesar I, and many are just black. How do I get the graphics to work?

After installing it this way, with setup. The portion of the game that installs performs a CD check. Obviously you could get around this by creating an ISO and mounting a virtual drive.

But a more efficent method seems to be to create a virtual drive. This can be accomplished in DOS or the command line using the subst command. But for those without experience in DOS, a viable and much easier solution is to use a program called virtual subst. Simply copy all the files from the CD approxmiately MB to a folder. Say you name this folder caesar 2 cd and place it on your desktop.

You can then create a virtual drive, say drive F:, and point it to this folder using visual subst. The game will start without needing the CD.

This creates the possibility to copy the caesar 2 cd folder as well as the folder that is installed on your computer containing the executable and other important files to a USB stick. You can even put a copy of visual subst on the USB stick as well, and tell it to create a virtual drive of your choice on windows start up and point it to the caesar 2 folder on the stick. The end result is, when you plug in the usb stick, a virtual drive will be created as the caesar 2 cd.

You can then run the game completely from the usb stick. Which in effect means you can take caesar 2 with you anywhere. It will play on any machine running any windows operating system this way, provided you have the wing I got the game to run fine…. Wow I just found this game in my drawer the other day and I am dying to play it. Glad to see there is still so much interest from other people. Anyway, it is a windows version of the game. The game can be played almost endlessly as you try again and again to improve your past performances.

In Caesar 2, your goal is not only to successfully build a Roman province, but also protect it from any raids by either a good structural defense such as walls and towers or by raising up your armies to battle with the enemy.

This sequel to its award-winning predecessor has the same structure, but many enhancements were made to improve the game play. The interface has been entirely redone, and a query function has been added. This will enable the player to “right click” on any structure and check out all the info on it similar to SimCity Browse games Game Portals. Caesar 2. Safety and satisfaction. Caesar II. You are the Governor of a Roman province whose capital city if you build it well!

Choose from dozens of authentic structures – temples, aqueducts, bath houses, even the Circus Maximus – and watch your city sp User reviews. Product details. System requirements. Choose from dozens of authentic structures – temples, aqueducts, bath houses, even the Circus Maximus – and watch your city spring to life.

Develop resources, open trade routes and promotion will soon follow. Then expand your territories and move up the ranks. Your challenge – to rise and become the next Caesar – while confronting upstart Gauls, invading barbarians and restless citizens who threaten your eternal cities. Can you do as the Romans did and build the ultimate city? Build magnificent cities in authentic architectural detail.

Develop your province with trade routes, industries, and fortifications. Defend your city from invaders with easy point and click combat.

Minimum system requirements:. Recommended system requirements:. This game is powered by DOSBox. Game details. Strategy – Building – Historical. Works on:. Release date:. Forum discussion. Game features. Cloud saves. You need these programs for the game to run. Always disable your anti virus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting the crack files. If you need additional help, click here.

Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish. Once Caesar II is done downloading, right click the.


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Think about how much more a player might enjoy SimCity if there was more strategy in that game than just building a city and keeping it running. What if there was some sort of combat engine, requiring the player to repel hostile attacks? How about an additional module to allow the player to set up trade routes with other simulated cities, thereby affecting the output of the original city’s factories? Such is the challenge offered by Caesar II, a much more “complete” experience than that provided by SimCity.

Caesar II consists of three distinct modules, creating a game that can be played in one of two ways. For the player who is only interested in building at the City Level, the “City Building Only” option will allow him to found and construct a city worthy of being the gem of the Roman Empire.

Graphics of ancient Roman structures appear as the player builds housing for his residents, reservoirs and aqueducts to supply water and a system of roads to facilitate travel. Other endeavors include building markets for the selling of goods, industries to supply goods to the markets, security facilities for sim-safety and temples and shrines in which to hold the monetary unit of the game, denarii.

If successful in building up his population, the player might consider constructing educational facilities, bathhouses and hospitals for sanitation and entertainment locales like theaters, arenas and circuses. Additional buildings increase property values which in turn cause nearby residences to upgrade themselves, attracting a larger population and earning the province’s Governor more denarii.

Playing the “Full Game” adds the other two modules to game play. At the Province Level, the player is charged with conquering a number of European provinces one-by-one by setting up trade routes with small villages and building industries such as farms, mines and many other resource-creators.

Building a working city at the City Level is also required in the full game mode. Further, if hostile forces are encountered at Province Level, a combat module automatically kicks in which allows the player to either fight the battle automatically using the statistics of each military force or to actually line up his forces in battle formation and fight the opposing force in real-time.

If the player is successful in satisfying the four performance criteria in a particular province, he receives a promotion and is given the opportunity to conquer a new province containing all-new challenges. Whether you call it SimCity with real-time combat and trade or Civilization with city-building responsibilities and without a research tree, Caesar II is a fantastic game.

Since its release in , I picked up this product many times at various software retailers and examined the features listed on the back of the box. I wish I had bought it sooner because it’s extremely good. Graphics: The advantage the Windows version has over the DOS version is that multiple windows can be arranged on the screen at one time, so the “toggling” action required for switching views in the DOS version is not necessary in Windows.

Sound: Sound effects accompany the construction of all structures, and running water and barking dogs can often be heard in the background. There are also several musical passages that play depending upon the game view that the player is in at the time.

There are so many challenges when playing at the Province Level, the feel of the game stays new. Replay Value: There is an immense amount of replay value in Caesar II for a number of different reasons. In addition to the two game modes mentioned above, five skill settings are available, with Province and City maps generated on a random basis. Caesar II is set in the time of ancient Rome, and lets you try to be the next Caesar.

You start with one province and have to build an efficient city. To do this you’ll have to manage the water supply properly, make sure the city is policed well, and provide adequate education, entertainment, baths, and temples which also hold your money and can be robbed if you don’t have enough protection. At some point, possibly more then once, you’ll have to defend your province from invading tribes that don’t really want you there.

You also have to connect all the little villages in the province with roads and make some industry, like stone mining, grapes, etc. When you have achieved the necessary requirements, you’ll be able to start all over again in a new and more challenging province. Do well enough and you can become the new Caesar. How to run this game on modern Windows PC? Contact: , done in 0. Search a Classic Game:. Download full Caesar 2: Download Caesar 2 screenshots:. Please choose Download – Easy Setup