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This charming young boy puppet is prepared with pre-made triggers and features and will certainly captivate your audience’s hearts.

He can lipsync your words, wave, point, give thumbs up, a. This charming gentleman is inspired by the character design style of Popeye, created as a high-quality puppet for Adobe Character Animator.

With pre-made gestures – waving, thumbs up, pointing, and pre-built emotions. The puppet has a lip-syncing function. A senior businessman character of African American origin prepared as a puppet for Adobe Character Animator. This classy businessman puppet comes with pre-made triggers and functions like lypsyncing, giving thumbs up, pointing, waving, and expressing different emotions. Suitable for business related animation videos.

Using Adobe Character Animator software you can easily turn yourself into animated character. It’s extemely easy to use, you can make videos for marketing, social media, presentations, and even straming. A blond businessman puppet template for Adobe Character Animator. This smart businessman puppet is prepared with pre-made triggers and features and will certainly captivate your audience’s hearts.

He can lipsync your words, wave, point, give thumbs up, and. A comics book style female doctor puppet for Adobe Character Animator. This intelligent female doctor puppet is prepared with pre-made triggers and features and will certainly captivate your audience’s hearts.

She can lipsync your words, wave, point, give. A modern flat style teacher puppet ready to be imported in Adobe Character Animator with premade triggers, emotion and gesture features. This flat puppet character includes triggers such as wave, give thumbs up, point with a hand, and more.

High-quality Adobe Character Animator puppets for sale and free Adobe puppets, all fully rigged and ready for instant import in the software. As you already must have figured out, the program is built on a technique of a whole new generation. This is why, Adobe Character Animator requires puppets created exclusively for the program or characters adapted for it. Do you want to learn how to work with the software?

All of these are suitable for different explainer video styles , so you can pick those who match your business needs the best. Some of these free Adobe puppet templates come fully armed with a wide range of abilities, others come with limited features.

A good-looking business guy character by GraphicMama that is available as a free Adobe Character Animator puppet! Alex is able to express a diversity of emotions by moving his mouth and eyebrows. He can also point, showcase, give thumbs up and wave with both hands, and do even more stuff.

Feel free to give him a try and include him in your actual projects. A handsome businessman free Adobe puppet that can express all kinds of emotions like happy, sad, surprised and angry by moving his eyebrows and mouth.

This free Adobe Character Animator puppet is created by GraphicMama and comes with plenty of features such as:. This free Adobe puppet by GraphicMama can move her eyebrows and mouth, thus recreating a spectrum of emotions such as happy, sad, angry or surprised. She also comes with a whole lot other features :. A goldfish character that will make your video presentations super cute and appealing. This chubby fish comes for free with the following features :. This free Adobe Character Animator puppet is created by using stop motion technique.

Being the first stop motion puppet created in world stated by the creator himself , the file contains shots of different face expressions and other assets needed for the puppet to work in the software.

Being quite fun and unconventional , this free Adobe puppet is worth trying out. The best part is, it comes for free, so go ahead and test it yourself. Created by the same artist, these adorable stop motion cookie characters are all set to be animated with Adobe Character Animator.

Coming with a handy tutorial, these cookies will certainly make sure you have fun while exploring the brand new Adobe software. Head over the Download page to learn more and download these yummy puppets absolutely for free.

If you want to test out a realistic Adobe Character Animator puppet , then this freebie is for you. The creator has made sure to include everything you need in order to create a functional Adobe Character Animator human-like puppet. If you want to end up with your own version of the human puppet , all you have to do is take photos of a person and replace the body parts element with the existing ones. Suitable for all kinds of projects, this charming fella can express a variety of emotions.

He comes with accessories such as a pen, a notepad, a pointer stick. He can put his hands on his hips, give thumbs up, raise his eyebrows and more. You are welcome to try him out for free and use him in real projects, as well. A charming elderly Christmas Elf Adobe puppet template for free download.

He can:. A gingerbread man cookie free Adobe puppet template available with pre-made triggers. A penguin with a Christmas hat available as a free Adobe puppet template. Simons the Fox is an animal Adobe puppet template that comes with several eye and hand expressions. Wilk the green monster is a free Adobe puppet that comes with fire-breathing effects and the ability to turn his head. The PSD file is also provided. Red Monster Live is a complex puppet that comes with several animations, automated camera changes and overlay graphics.

Fully free to download. Evans is a robot character transformed into a free Adobe puppet with a complex features such as walk cycle, another head, weapon hands and more. Cassandra is a free-to-download Adobe Character Animator puppet with several strands of dangle hair and a separate background hair group.

A charming blue monster character with tie dangle and the ability to turn his head. This Adobe character puppet is available absolutely for free. Shmarflop is a hand drawn sketchy octopus alien with 3 eyes and dangling tenctacles that can be downloaded as a free Adobe puppet. This cool red monster comes as a free Adobe puppet with the ability to trigger fire hands.

An Adobe Character Animator puppet that comes as a green alien monster with a 4-leg walk cycle. This alien can also turn his head with his googly eyes. Aurora is an adorable snowgirl Adobe Character Animator puppet with different dangles for her scarf and pom-pom hat. Also, you can get her for free! Seth is a free-to-download Adobe Character Animator puppet that comes with the ability to turn his head. Dude is an Adobe Character Animator puppet with a simple face, moving eyes, eyelids, nose, and key triggers.

Get this fella absolutely for free. Goldilocks is an adorable free-to-download Adobe Character Animator puppet with dangling hair. Dojo Joe is a handsome karate free puppet who comes with draggable hands and cycle layers fire.



Adobe animate cc character templates free download


What we love about Adobe Character Animator is that you have full control over the character through sync. Instead of animating the mouth frame by frame, the puppet lip syncs your voice and follows your facial expression and movement. To celebrate the great news, today we collected the 51 best free Character Animator puppets that you can download, import into your software, and start animating like a pro.

We included our best picks from great creators like Okay Samurai, from Adobe themselves, as well as our exclusive for free puppets that were made for this collection article specifically. Related: Do you know that you can officially get Adobe Character Animator for free? Learn more about the new, free version. You can directly download each character puppet you like or all of them and import them into Character Animator.

They are base puppets, which means they come with pre-made gestures — adobe animate cc character templates free download, thumbs up, pointing, pre-built emotions, face-tracking, and lipsyncing function.

They charcater prepared in vector format templatss Adobe Illustrator, and they are suitable for diverse, projects, and intuitive to work with. Base business boy free puppet with stylish office attire and glasses.

He offers trigger actions for waving, pointing, thumbs-up, and one for a lightbulb that appears when he has a good idea. A very detailed basic free cartoon caveman character puppet with an epic unibrow that will bring a lot of charactre to adobe animate cc character templates free download videos.

One of the triggers gives him a stone bat to aodbe around fiercely. Here we have a charming stylish sports-elegant bear character made into a free puppet with triggers for waving, thumbs-up, pointing, and for being indignant.

A powerful-looking but quite friendly tiger cartoon character. This free puppet is quite diverse in terms qdobe projects you can use it for. He has the hand triggers for waving, thumbs up, and pointing. We made this Viking puppet for the reason we love Vikings as much as everyone else. This fierce female warrior is equipped as a free basic puppet with all you need to rock your presentation. With the female Viking, we also have the big boy as her sidekick.

As usual, triggers for waving, pointing, and thumbs up. This witchy basic puppet is animated to float on her broom to show constant movement древности adobe acrobat standard dc password protect free download нашел tracking your face and lipsyncing.

Sometimes, what a concept needs увидеть больше adobe animate cc character templates free download mighty superhero with a cool cape. This free basic puppet has everything packed. The next free puppet is adobe animate cc character templates free download Eastern monk that has special triggers relevant to his concept. For example, adobe animate cc character templates free download monk has triggers for meditation and drawing out a cup of delicious tea.

The lovable, friendly goofy free shark puppet will make you fall in love with him immediately. He floats, imitates underwater movement, and has thumbs up, waving, and pointing triggers for his fins. This is a very cute, shy vintage robot puppet that rocks the retro-futuristic style as a character coming straight out of a SciFi movie from the 60s. Ideal for video presentations and streams about technology. This charming lady is a business templstes puppet and has rolled her sleeves to do some winning.

Ideal for marketing presentations and explainer videos. This female superhero, a free puppet packs beauty and power in one character. She tempoates in the air while performing her puppet duties to track your face and speech. And the last one of the exclusive free puppets we wanted to share is this Octoberfest-style waitress character with special triggers for pulling a menu and desserts. In charactter section, you will find the most popular free puppets from our arsenal.

Alex the Businessman is a free puppet of an elegant young businessman character. Our most popular puppet for animations, explainer videos, and more. He has triggers for pointing, showcasing, giving thumbs-up, and waving.

Alex can also hold a Notepad, Pointer, Pen, and an Envelope. Business Lady is a stylish black businesswoman character, prepared as a puppet with additional features such as head turn and walking in from left and right The file is ready to import and use in Adobe Character Animator. Brad the Gingerbread is the favorite of many. This very merry, free puppet template is ready to go with pre-made triggers. He can point, wave, give thumbs up, express emotions, and lip sync your holiday songs.

Happy Chubby Fish is a freebie cheerful and colorful fish character, you can use for animations, explainer videos, etc. He can make bubbles, flip his fin, show a sign, and talk.

Papple the Penguin can point, wave, give thumbs up, express emotions, and lip-sync your words. The sweet cubby puppet can also hold snowballs, so be careful! Geekson is our geeky businessman character with glasses and a tie. He can point, showcase, give thumbs up and wave; he shows a variety of emotions and comes with accessories such as a pen, a notepad, and a pointer stick.

This jolly fella, amongst all other obligatory triggers and emotions, has a list and a pencil… So, were you good this year? All are free to use however you want — no credit needed!

Puppet files combine original artwork and animation rigging into one file. Created by Konee Rok, Aerial Al is a drone flying character sitting on a park bench. He comes with a beautiful, colorful background. Again by Konee Rok, the next free adobe animate cc character templates free download is a floating DJ character with audio triggers. Adobe animate cc character templates free download stuff is so much fire, they had to put him in the water.

A part templattes the Brooklin Buddies set, the Frenchie is a low-poly character, a free puppet with cycle-based head turns, walking, and background. An absolute classic by Look Creative Studios, Al the Alien is an expressive character with complex key triggers, worthy odwnload check out. The Headless Horseman is a adobe animate cc character templates free download puppet with interesting triggers and mannerisms, part of the horror characters set by Ryan Boyle. Maddie by Athena Studios is a stop motion style character with a 3-view walk and dangle.

Very realistic and beautiful free puppet. Back to the Vikings. Zookeper blesses us with this vector character turned into a puppet with breath, rotation dial arms, adove cycle layers axe spins. This unique puppet by Konee Rok is a girl-shaped neon sign character with flashing lights and glass-shattering animations adobe animate cc character templates free download enjoy.

Definitely check Niki out. Here we have a flat-style little supergirl character called Sam. This free microsoft office gratuit bit free by Keith Negley is equipped with a mask, dangling cape, and walking behavior. His lights are also animated. Here you will find amazing free puppets by other creators. Okay Samurai offers his puppets as free to use and edit these however you want — no credit needed.

Make sure to больше информации his entire collection. Heller is a little kid snimate hair physics and triggered pupils, eyelids, and poses. Includes background. Willy is an expressive bearded character with tons of triggers: arms, pupils, eyelids, eyebrows, and mouth. A dreamy papercraft-style character with face parallax, a physics hair system, and clipping masks. Charlie is a cartoon puppy character made into a puppet.

Ethan is a charming and playful stick figure puppet with different facial elements, 18 hand gestures, different accessories you can have fun with. BucketJo can walk and perform different gestures. He comes with different facial elements, 18 hand gestures, and other adobe animate cc character templates free download.

Nelson comes with 5 premade facial expressions, 17 hand gestures, a set of glasses you can turn on and off with a keyboard click. Have some fun and dramatic stop-motion-style cookies with epic clay months.

Free to edit and use, require attribution by tag dimitrithecookie. The sweet free puppet crayon has a magic trick on its sleeve. You can use triggers to activate his flying sparkles and to change to different colors.

A free robot puppet with blinking eyes, draggable arms, and a animxte chest screen. You can add your own text to adapt it to your zdobe. This free puppet template of a male character additionally has an editable shirt where you can put your logo or text remove it entirely. This is a tutorial puppet with both the template man and the rabbit created in a tutorial by its creators, which you can check fc the download page.

Before we proceed with the additional free Character Animator resources, there are a few things we need to point out when working with puppets. You can learn how to do it in this article. Another important detail of creating your videos with Character animator puppets is to find the perfect backgrounds for each scene.

Here we collected editable vector backgrounds for Character Animator to suit your puppets and give an atmosphere to your videos. Most of the backgrounds are for free personal and commercial use. Everybody agrees with how important it is that the characters are expressive. We hope you picked a handful of awesome free читать статью for your next project in Give them life, have fun and create epic videos and presentations.

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