Brands That Add Liveliness To The Glorious Northwalk

Outfitters | Ndure | Hush Puppies | Stylo | Bata | Levi’s | McDonald

Malls have become a full-blown retail trend, more than just shopping place. They have become the heart and soul of communities, a building foundation for retail industries and a social hub for social butterflies. Now when the customers visit malls they visit not just for shopping, they expect a wholesome experience.

Online shopping may have provided ultimate level of convenience with endless options of variety and price comparisons but with time shopping malls have caught on the fact that they might not beat online shopping in convenience hence they have to provide a whole different level of shopping experience with broadened propositions for customers.

Innovation has taken a new level since malls have been incorporating value-adding elements; common are eateries or play areas but it also includes cinemas, gyms, etc. Shopping malls in Karachi have also taken things up a notch specifically if we talk about one shopping mall in Karachi that doesn’t just take care of shopping aspects or eating out programs but also the health of the shoppers providing them a walking space.

The Northwalk in Nazimabad is the only shopping mall in Karachi with a walking space that’s aimed to put back the pleasure of peaceful walks and human interactions. The Northwalk’s human activity brings life to the shopping mall in Karachi enhancing the user experience and the beauty of Nazimabad. Not just the walk but The Northwalk also offers:


Apparel Brands:


Beyond East-Nazimabad:


A magnificent blend of lavish textures, refreshing hues, and modern styles. Beyond East, Nazimabad brings an extensively and carefully curated collection of apparel for men and women to The Northwalk. Head to discover your favorite amongst the trendy silhouettes and timeless designs.




The world-famous Levi’s with their unapologetically nostalgic yet modern classic denim and tees. The best selection of Levi’s jeans, jackets, and clothing for men, women, and kids, from their newest summer styles to the all-year-round masterpieces and so much more available at The Northwalk Nazimabad.




Lulusar is your one-stop shop for every fashion-centric need satisfaction. From daily wear to festive collections, from fitness wears to celeb-inspired collections and accessories to accompany, Lulusar at The Northwalk has got you covered.




A Pakistani brand for western wear for men, women, and kids. Each apparel is crafted with the best choice of cloth, trending styles, and absolute dedication. Their collection not only includes apparel but also fragrances and a lot more.


Shahzeb Saeed-Nazimabad:


Your ultimate menswear shop with casuals, formals, and everything men.




Wwith the heart of authentic designs and effortless, easy-going styles, Breakout shines through at every level, with their laid-back tailoring to the made-to-last quality, use of natural materials, and responsible production. A casual fashion brand with an outstanding price-value proposition.




A fashion brand designed for the spirited youth of Pakistan has landed in The Northwalk-Nazimabad. Outfitters brings the latest lifestyle trends for youth designed in a chic manner that impresses the youth to its core.




Your one and only fashion guide have made its place in The Northwalk-Nazimabad. Along with comfortable western clothing options, One-Nazimabad also has extravagant western formals and party wears to choose from as well and you get accessories too.


Shoe Brands:




Is one of the most recognized names in the shoe industry in Pakistan. the footwear institution that doesn’t ever comprise quality, comfort, and style is here at The Northwalk to style your daily wear with the most amazing footwear ever.


Hush Puppies-Nazimabad:


With contagious optimism and little acts of encouragement in form of shoes, Hush Puppies bring colors of joy with its footwear collections. Hush Puppies with its comfortable, bold, bright footwear collection accommodates all men, women, and kids too!




Bata has had a long journey of designing shoes in Pakistan and continues to do so with several branches all over the country. One of those most glamorous branches is Bata’s franchise in The Northwalk-Nazimabad. With its variety of collections for men, women, and kids, Bata looks after all.




Our fashion-conscious generation needs to worry less now that we have Ndure-Nazimabad at The Northwalk. A range of footwear fit for the multitasking and multifaceted people of the town!




A high-end fashion footwear brand with glamorous and stylishly designed fit with superior quality and extremely careful finish. Insignia-Nazimabad brings all runway quality precision and glamor to The Northwalk.


Travel and Sports Brands:




Companion is your multi-branded store at The Northwalk with all the premium travel gear and accessories you need before you leave for any trip. At Companion-Nazimabad you find products that are a perfect blend for all your personal or business or leisure trips.






The world’s largest restaurant chain with so many fans of its taste has landed into The Northwalk. You could get your kids a happy meal and yourself a juicy burger once you’re done with your shopping spree and your stomach calls for a feast. The Northwalk takes pride in catering Mcdonald’s, and we know you’re also loving it!



The Northwalk is that one shopping mall in Karachi that has gotten down to an entirely changing shopping experience for karachiites. A systematic and balanced atmosphere with the best options for a good shopping spree and a fun place to hang out for all the social bees.


Head to to go through all the brands available and get, set, shopping and walking at The Northwalk!