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Top downloads. It took me a few trys to get it right, but I am the impatient type who did not read the directions that came with the program first. Cavebear 0 point.


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If you haven’t played Sid Meier’s Civilization II or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Published in by Infogrames Europe. Open a command prompt in Administrator mode (either in this folder or navigate to it), then type “” -(without the quotes) and.


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Apparently the computer opponents were supposed to act intelligently, blit you’d have been hard pushed to find an example of it. MicroProse make the same claims this time round, but happily there’s some evidence to back it up.

For a start, all the diplomatic niceties that make the world go round have been turned into hard and fast rules. In the main this means that when you double-cross someone, it’s remembered. You can be as aggressive as you like and still have a spotless diplomatic record, but do the dirty and nobody will talk to you – and if they do, they’re likely to give you the same lousy treatment that you’ve been guilty of dishing out.

But if you have a good excuse for breaking a treaty – other powers spying on you or stealing your technology, for example -this diplomatic ‘penalty’ is lowered. If civilization rather than conquest is your aim, then this all adds up to a much better game. It means you have more chance to make it all the way into space without invading your neighbour because you can forge very strong peace agreements and alliances.

But there’s still all those lovely military units to play with Incidentally, it’s unsurprising that moving into a neighbouring city area can be interpreted as a hostile act, but doing so can land you in a very strange situation.

Sometimes you can’t actually see the city in question if you haven’t been out and discovered it yet, but you will still receive warnings about getting too close to it. I’m going to say it again: I’m not at all convinced about the 3D interface. At times the perspective is just too damn cluttered – an option to switch back to the old overhead view is badly needed. On the other hand though, there’s nothing much else I’ve seen that I don’t agree with. The drop-down menus and the look and feel of Civilization 2 are much the same and all the changes to the units and rules are well worthwhile.

Overall then, Civilization 2 is a bloody good game and I’m happy to say that MicroProse have struck exactly the right balance. The changes implemented aren’t just there purely for the sake of things, and underneath its sparkly new 3D exterior, it’s still Civilization.

The only surprising thing about the game is that it took so long to get here. Shall you direct the Mongol hordes to the gates of Rome, or will you lead mankind in its dream of colonising the distant stars? Either way you’re going to get a headache and a bloody nose on the road. To help all of you blood-thirsty despots and enlightened saints, we’ve pulled together years of empire building and cunning tricks to help you connive and cheat your way right to the top.

No matter how you intend to pursue your final goal, first you need to get your civilisation up. In the early years it’s a wise strategy to avoid producing soldiers and armaments, and concentrate instead in creating settlers who can build productive cities. Let your motto be “Go forth and multiply”. While your settlers get on with all that baby making and ditch digging, use one simple warrior to scout as far and as fast as possible in the search for those huts which contain hidden goodies.

In most cases this action will gain you additional tribes who can move even further and faster to aid you in the quest for early advances. Irrigate, build roads and establish trade routes between your own cities and those of your neighbours. Trading with other nations is rewarded with big bucks, and even if you go to war with your partner you’ll find that your caravan trade continues. Apparently the game designers subscribe to the slogan.

Business is Business! Apart from a meagre handful of annoying small tribes, the computer-generated civilisations will tend to avoid direct confrontation with you in the early stages, so don’t bother trying for an early strike on the guy next door as there’ll be time enough for that later.

If you find that your land mass has obvious links to other civilisations, then position and fortify your troops in this area to seal yourself in.

Little local difficulties at home are usually just weak uprisings which can be dealt with by a few troops. In the early years, you will flourish in a despotic society as people work hard and don’t bother asking for CD players.

However, do get yourself into a monarchy as soon as you possibly can to take advantage of the extra production which comes with regal rule. As in the real world money brings power, so by spreading your empire, setting up trade routes and thus filling your coffers with gold as early as you can, you’ll find that options become easier later on.

Should you realise that the opposition is about to develop or create something that you are also pursuing, remember that you can buy your way forward with cash quicker than they can develop it. With money you can put production on overtime to gain an early technological advance, and then use that to gain even more ground.

Think of the extra production a factory can churn out in a few turns if you’re able to get on-line early. There is, however, an important ‘feature’ in the game which you must be aware of. If you buy an improvement before you even have one production shield in the kitty, then the cost is double the normal price. If for some reason you feel you simply must have an improvement by the end of the current turn, then here’s a cunning wheeze: buy some cheaper improvement which you don’t need it will still cost double , and then before you are given the improvement, use the ‘Change’ button to nominate the improvement you really want and buy that instead.

The smaller number of shields which you bought at the double rate will enable you to upgrade to your preferred improvement at a cheaper cost. Building wonders is obviously very important and every player has their own favourite. Each individual wonder will have something going for it, but some are arguably better than others. As with all growing organisms, getting a good start in life tends to perpetuate itself into a strong body, and the Pyramids is the wonder which ‘just keeps on giving’.

With this wonder you will halve the time for citizen production, and your tribe’s birth rate will just keep outpacing everyone else’s. If you decide that your best strategy is to keep your head down in the early years, emerging later when you have outstripped the others in science and technology, then The Great Wall is the wonder which will keep the marauding hordes from your door. Computer-controlled civilisations tend to avoid confrontation if The Great Wall bounds your cities, and again this will save you diverting funds away from research.

The Great Library is another wonder with its own circle of admirers, but interestingly it can be admired more for what it prevents others from doing than for what it actually gives to its owner. If you’re trying to outstrip the competition by moving forward as quickly as possible, then you must prevent other players from getting their hands on your knowledge via their ownership of the Library. You might not need to learn others’ secrets, but you damn well don’t want them to have the power to steal yours!

Napoleon’s quote that “Armies march on their stomachs” sounds smarter than “Armies march on roads”, but in this case it means the same thing. You need a good infrastructure to move supplies and armaments from the area of production to the battleground. When you attack you must fall on the enemy like a thunderbolt and overwhelm him in a short space of time. Before taking a city be sure you can hold it. Once you have fortified yourself in his food-producing zones and started pillaging, all his supplies will cease and things will start turning nasty inside.

With no food coming in, the citizenry will begin to die off and all other production will cease. Sit tight, and as time passes, natural progress will bring more and more deadly force to your aid. Guerrillas and partisans can be a real pain in the butt, but there is a cure for this annoying complaint.

When a city containing partisans is taken, these troops will appear like weeds around your newly-won prize and bog you down for ages. Their Achilles heel is that they can only flourish in those empty land squares within a city’s zone of control. You can either fill up those squares with your own troops before taking the city, or at least control which squares they do appear in and prepare some horrible surprise to await them.

Ruling the sea is just as important as ruling the land. Players are encouraged to build their capital cities with a sea view, as in theory this gives them access to all of the bounties that harbours and off-shore production can bring.

Of course, this action will also ensure that you are able to bring a battle fleet up to their front door. A heavy naval barrage tends to knock ten bells out of a city’s defences in double quick time. Ships move further than land forces in the early stages of the game, and should you decide to go for an early knockout on an opponent who snatched an important wonder and installed it in a beach house, then your turning up one morning with a couple of battleships could ruin his whole day.

The first rule of survival is “Never give a sucker an even break”. Let’s face it, it’s going to be interesting to see just how long the meek manage to keep the earth once they inherit it.

Experience shows that only the weak benefit from long-term alliances. By all means make peace with the big guy next door, but only for as long as you have to. Powerful friends will endlessly ask for a lick of your lollipop, and while you must occasionally give in to this, you should resist it whenever possible.

If you are forced to trade secrets, offer those which won’t help the opposition build a wonder that you’re already building. Use your friendship to glean inside knowledge of your rival’s position, and always be ready to strike at his weakest point. An overwhelming attack on his least defended outpost will almost certainly gain you important technology secrets, and you can always say sorry afterwards. The computer-controlled opposition is always ready to believe that you’ll mend your ways and will offer you another chance when you want to kiss and make up.

Again and again you can behave like a spoilt brat with a limp-wristed probation officer without suffering true retribution. Years later, when you are Master of the World, you may feel some remorse about the way you behaved, but at least you can console yourself by strolling down the bank to count your gold.

Establishing a tolerant democracy for yourself holds lots of benefits such as increased production and less corruption, but it does cramp your style. It can be galling to manoeuvre an army across the globe and position it outside the opposition’s front door, only to find that your own government prevents you from attacking. The answer here is to declare a revolution and take up your old despotism ways – after all, it’s the winners who write the history books and they’ll forgive and forget when you eventually bring home the bacon.

Experienced players do, however, place great emphasis on gaining the innocuous sounding Woman’s Suffrage development, as it’s a big help in a democracy. Having this wonder enables the men to go off to war while the women continue to work in the factories without missing their home comforts. Fundamentalism seems a silly thing to get into, but if you use it in the later stages when you have already made lots of scientific advances it can make for a powerful strategy.

With this form of rule you can fight a very effective war against all the other governments and steal their technology. Fanatic armies aided by fast railways can overwhelm democracies because of the rate at which they can produce armaments. Once you have reduced the opposition to a manageable size, you can sell off your defensive structures and use the cash to dispense bread and circuses. This will cheer up the proletariat on your inevitable return to the democracy, and this is important because you’ll need it to get into the space race.

It is a truism that “Diplomacy is war carried on by other means”. It’s essential that you exchange diplomats with your opponents as this will enable you to examine the opposition’s cities, find out how powerfully they are defended, and locate the sites of any wonders.

You may be a peace-loving democracy, but should you decide that it’s in your interest to take a big leap forward by acquiring a wonder without paying for it, then you’ll want to know where to strike. You can also spot most of the big wonders by selecting the ‘Top 5 Cities’ option and seeing what’s built there. The second oldest profession is that of the Spy. Diplomats and Spies are two of the more powerful pieces on the board, and when used wisely they can save you stacks of time and money.

When you consider how long it takes to acquire certain technology, it’s obvious that it can be much more profitable to simply send in one of these unscrupulous characters to steal the work of others. Of course, there’s a good chance that you’ll suffer retribution, but if you’re secure behind walls and cold steel it’s usually worth the risk.

Be aware that it’s as easy to lose knowledge as it is to gain it. One particularly sickening way for the stinger to get stung is by seizing an enemy city which you do not have the strength to retain. Should the enemy counter-attack and regain the city, you’ll find that they will also grab a piece of your technology. A moment’s greed on your part could be a costly mistake. The speed by which you can move goods and troops around the map can mean the difference between winning and losing. Continents tend to be awkward shapes bisected by frustrating blobs of water which slow everything down.

However, there are two straight and uninterrupted strips of polar ice which straddle your world, and these are custom-made to take high-speed railway lines. It’s a cunning strategy to construct a railway track around the polar strip with suitable junction points down into strategic continents. Place factory cities near the junctions and you will be able to construct and transport men and goods at high speed around the world.

So how are you going to play it? Are you going to take your mother’s advice and study, work hard, and get your reward in heaven? Or are you going to lie, cheat and steal so you can end up on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List?

Heed the Troubleshooter’s motto: “Go for it. For when you die, the bastard with the most money wins! It’s slow-paced. It’s devoid of any action. It’s plain as far as graphics go. What is it? Only the finest turn-based strategy game ever to hit the PC in this writer’s humble opinion.

Civilization II has won countless awards from the PC press and is generally considered one of the best computer games period, strategy or otherwise.

Now, PlayStation owners will be treated to a console version that thankfully, isn’t dummied down in the least bit. Joseph 3 points. HK HC 2 points. Teph87 -4 points. BullForce -1 point. It’s an incredible game to lern teh sequences of culture and technology discovered. An useful game to school also. DuPont 2 points.

Luis -8 points. Baschti 2 points. Bringing back really old, good memories. Accessing the files OK, but no CD-music? BloodPrince 4 points. Adam 4 points. I can’t figure out how to get all of this installed and everything. Makes me so mad. Need a step by step in more detail. Kk -1 point. Unski Tunkio 0 point. Does this version work? I had some problems with the program crashing win10 and losing the maps?! Best game of the universe 0 point. PG ahah me too, after finish over time.. Ace -2 points.

This was my first PC game ever. I would sit and watch my dad play it every day and I eventually figured out how to play just from watching. I loved it so much and played the absolute crap out of it for many many years and I’ve never really completely stopped playing it.

I’ve still got the original thick manual and tech tree poster that came with the box that my dad thankfully held onto but sadly I lost the CD ages ago and after tearing the house apart more than once accepted it was gone. Thank you so much for uploading the vanilla version and not the MGE with that horrible AI aggression bug in it. I’ve been searching for this specific version since I lost the CD and I’ll be burning one of my few remaining fresh CD-R’s with this to replace it.

You guys are godsends. Beler 1 point. PG 15 points. Idea -Man! I know its not the same but there is a Fantastic freeware version of civ2 called FreeCiv! I have played it on my x64 i linux laptop I kinda prefer it tho its non-identical. Have fun Quaid 14 points.

Anonymouse 3 points. Thanks for this game. To complcated. So thanx again. Viking -4 points. MikeyInTheD 4 points. Game stopped working after I ran the latest Windows 10 update sometime in December So disappointed since I had it working on Windows 10 without a virtual machine previously. Bob -5 points. Falls 1 point. Stevie the Roman, and his old game. I’ve been playing this game for 20 years now. It’s still my favourate game!

The newer versions have gotten too complicated. I don’t like them. To get this 16 bit game working in Windows 10 64 bit, I had to do the following: – install Oracle’s Virtualbox x It wants me to find an AP in the app store. Steve 4 points. Moving around the map is very easy — simply use the arrow keys. The battles occur as one piece moves into a square occupied by the enemy. Sound effects are very well done as you can hear the clashing of swords as legions attack or listen to the bombs dropping as a Stealth fighter makes an attack.

Civilization II begins in the year BC and ends when any one of three conditions are met: reach the year , conquer the entire world or advance technology to the point where a spaceship reaches another planet. You will want to play Civilization II over and over, as every game is different.

Also included are a couple of pre-set scenarios to play out and a map editor, allowing you to build the perfect world. It includes the original game, Conflicts in Civilization Scenarios and the official strategy guide. If you have played Civilization or even Colonization you know the layout, but for the rest of you, here we go; You start out yr. First thing you need to do, is to find a good location where to place your first city. From there you have to develop the land and research new technologies.

As the game progresses you also have to start building an army, to defend yourself from any neighbors with hostile intentions.

You can face up to 6 computer-controlled civilizations during the game, and each of them has their unique behavior. Any actions you take towards one of them, might give you a bad reputation, making the others less friendly towards you, and if you are really careless, they will start forming alliances against you.

You have several difficulty levels, ranging from very easy, to the once where the computer actually cheats. Works like a dream over the net, and supports up to 7 players. The game ends in 3 different ways; Either you are the first nation to send a craft to another star, or you can just simply kill everyone else.