Creatively Using Open Spaces During COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought us back to appreciating nature and open spaces. In fact, all over the world we have seen that social habits and the use of spaces has drastically altered. This has led to a complete reimagining of urban landscapes where until now, tall building had marred the skyline. Globally, the worth of parks and nature trails, infact one’s own green backyard and airy roof have become enhanced.


This need to seek recreation and refreshment in open natural spaces is the reason why architects and engineers are now planning buildings creatively working around the new normal, with large courtyards and open roofs where nature may thrive; social distancing may become a reality and the spread of germs is prevented.


With public health guidelines recommending getting vaccinated, staying close to home, socializing with near and dear ones and dining outdoors in open air, urban residents in the North Nazimabad, Karachi vicinity are looking for a spacious retail and recreation area which is a thoughtful and astute amalgamation of modern architecture, natural light and large open spaces.


The adaptive team of architects and planners behind North Walk is dedicated to encouraging safer active-mobility options, expanding access to opportunity in the North Nazimabad neighborhood and using underused land for proper public use. This is the reason North Walk Mall is not a high rise but a series of sprawling retail outlets with tall French windows featuring major brands over an area of 150,000 sq.ft, painting a vibrant picture in the heart of the Northern district. One of the foremost things kept in mind while planning for such an edifice was openness and inclusivity, making the retail experience fluid and seamless.


The roof tops are an ideal place to unwind by providing a rejuvenating Al Fresco dine out experience in the evening breeze and under a canopy of stars. Psychologists reveal that spending time with friends and family over a meal in a pleasant, invigorating natural ambiance can go a long way to improve your mental and emotional health. Now you don’t need to look very far for this restoring experience as North Walk in North Nazimabad prepares to open its doors.