Enjoy the Most Exciting Cricket Activity at The North Walk, The North Walk Bringing The Thrills of Playing Cricket Indoors

Cricket Activity in Karachi

A shopping mall is one of the favorite hangout locations for people to spend quality time, relax a bit and entertain themselves. Therefore, the brand owners and mall authorities come up with innovative ideas to keep their customers engaged and to make them have a worthwhile experience shopping from them. 


Talking about shopping malls how can one forget the most visited and talked-about mall in Karachi, The North Walk? This shopping mall is popular for various reasons and recently it has introduced another striking feature to it that has charmed its fame. It has brought a cricket activity to amuse its customers and their engagement. The thought of playing cricket indoors at a mall, is surprising isn’t it? Well, it is an innovative and interesting thought that has gained widespread popularity in a very short period.


The Ultimate Indoor Cricket Experience: Fun for All Ages at the Mall


The love for cricket that our people possess is a well-known fact, the craze for cricket is seen in people of all age groups be it young boys or girls, grown-up men or women, and old people. The emotion that they showcase for cricket is unmatched. So, bringing them an indoor cricket activity in one of the biggest malls in Karachi, just like The North Walk is the best idea to offer a fun experience for them.



Bringing a cricket activity for people at a mall is an amazing idea to keep them engaged and to offer them an ultimate one-of-a-kind fun experience that is not provided anywhere else. The North Walk, the best one of the biggest malls in Karachi, always comes up with something unique and exciting to win the hearts of their customers just like offering them the most fun indoor cricket activity in Karachi.


Batting Practice: Here’s How to Perfect Your Cricket Skills at the Mall


Looking for a comfortable environment to enjoy some batting sessions? The North Walk has made it possible for you to by offering indoor cricket activity which gives you an opportunity of polishing your batting skills. The timing followed for the activity is 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM. and another aspect of its huge success is that it entertains female customers as well. 


One of the biggest malls in Karachi, The North Walk offers the most appreciated cricket activity in Karachi, which gives a chance to its female costumes to have a fun time and delivers soft tennis balls, at a speed of 45 KPH to 50 KPH. The men get soft tennis balls at a speed of 75 KPH to 100 KPH. Mostly at rush hours, it delivers 12 to 18 balls per person.


How to Get Involved in the Growing Community of Mall Cricket at The Northwalk?


The North Walk has been the most talked-about shopping mall recently since it has initiated something so fun and exciting to experience. It is one of the biggest malls in Karachi and the only one to offer a fun cricket activity. Many people have already experienced it and are getting crazy over it. 


If you want to have the one-of-a-kind moment of your life, enjoying the best cricket activity in Karachi, then you must visit The North Walk. It has gained enormous popularity among the Karachiites and is being honored as the top-notch shopping mall in Karachi and the ‘Pride of North.’




  1. Is cricket activity a norm at shopping malls?


Cricket activity is not common at shopping malls. It is a rare and unique idea that has been initiated at the North Walk.


  1. Which of the biggest malls in Karachi offers cricket activity?


One of the biggest malls in Karachi, The North Walk has taken this step to take the customers’ shopping experience one step forward and offer them the most secure and exciting cricket activity in Karachi.



Shopping malls are considered the best hangout location and a great way of relaxing. A shopping mall is preferred for spending family time due to its secure space and captivating features which make it extremely interesting to be visited.

People’s favorite and one of the biggest malls in Karachi, The North Walk has come up with a different and unique idea to provide a fun element to its customers by offering them an exciting cricket activity for males and females of every age group.