In recent times, strip malls have started to get a second look from some retailers who have customarily ignored them for a long period of time. There are several compensation packages to strip malls that are becoming extensively essential as people these days prefer more online shopping and relatively few shoppers visit the malls. The tariff of strip malls is typically cheaper than the usual malls because their stores are comparatively smaller. The anchor dwellers are oftentimes grocery or gym, which favors the retailers to be in a place where shoppers will most likely visit multiple times in a week.
Generally, strip malls are naturally referred to as provincial spots, mixed-use facilities that are located just off of a busy road, with all that parking jam-packed between the road and the retail stores. As discussed earlier, strip malls have the advantage  of being located just off of the busy road, therefore it becomes easier for the shopper to spot the stores and discover new retailers whenever they drive by the mall. Strip malls  present you with different economic models so that it gives you a wide range of objects to choose from. Also as a retailer, you have to have good techniques to run a smaller store.
Strip malls differ from large scale malls because they contain fewer retail stores and those outlets are relatively smaller in size. Their structure is usually open unlike large malls which have closed structures. Earlier, these strip malls might be considered as convenient but were referred to as eyesores. The previous ones usually did not exhibit identical architectures and were just a random accumulation of buildings, making them even unattractive spots. With the inflation of this big box store, strip malls are now more likely to have uniform architecture, where all the buildings are well-coordinated with themes, colours, styles etc., making them more aesthetically pleasing.
One of the dominant concerns about these shopping spots is that they are constructed side by side making it a congested area. A dive through certain streets in most large provincial areas can feature one after the other. Not to forget that these strip malls are only accessible by cars, which means that they tend to increase the traffic in areas that may already have high congestion. Strip malls pose greater convenience than does usual mall shopping, since shoppers can just park their vehicle just outside the store they’re having their eyes on and not have to enter other entities to get to the one store.


Accessibility is literally the saving grace that prevents strip malls from disappearing out. But more significant amendments are required which our team of THE NORTH WALK are continuously striving to serve. These improvements are really necessary if these strip malls are to sustain and to thrive instead of just survive. Our team of experts work in accordance with the need of the time, they are working their best to cater the requirements desired by the public. There were numerous complaints about strip malls being an eyesore. To diminish that belief, THE NORTH WALK has been alleviated by a move towards uniformity amongst the building and facades, this way strip malls could jump one step further and incorporate elements of the town in which it is constructed. Bringing a towns’ unique charm into an otherwise bland setting could spark the public perception towards the area, soothe society’s concerns and transform the place into a welcome part of the community instead of being viewed as an unpleasant view to the watcher.
THE NORTH WALK intends to bring a walking space that brings life to thoughts of people who want to experience something so rare. We provide strip mall shopping in Karachi which has so much more than the usual mall has.

We provide:

  1. Glass facade mega storefronts which breaks the monotony of the concrete Downton jungle in our environment. It also breaks the visual barrier between the interior and exterior.
  2. The food-top experience is yet at another level at NORTH WALK, offering you dine-in experience with the roof-top viewing different beauties in the city.
  3. 50,000 SQ.FT of underground parking space made it at a point where ample parking space is provided for a seamless transition from the road to the store so that your shopping mood is uninterrupted.
  4. Elevators, escalators and security can surely make your experience worth-while. This facility makes the commute rapid and swift.
  5. WIFI hotspots available throughout the multiple levels of the 150,000 sq. of the area makes it even more comfortable to explore the place thoroughly.
  6. The main objective of developing something of this sort was that it should be experienced by all age groups. For this particular reason, we have made sure that wheelchairs should be made available for the elderly people so that the fun is not missed by anybody.