Shopping Center In Karachi

Ride Hailing Services

For a seamless commuting experience for our customers, we have partnered with the biggest ride-hailing services in Karachi. That way, it saves time and money for the people who don’t want to drive themselves and, overall, provides for a comfortable retail mood.

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The Screen-Magnitude and Modernity

The Northwalk has made a mark with its modern and magnificent approach. When it comes to appealing to the audience, the Northwalk does it modern and massive with outdoor SMD Screens.

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In the 21st Century, no entertainment is complete without connectivity.

WiFi hotspots are available throughout the multiple levels of the 150,000 sq.ft of our shopping centre — we make sure your experience can be shared with your people through digital connectivity.

That, and quick look at products that may help you make better retail decisions, can mean you get better value for your money.

Shopping Center In Karachi

Lost & Found

You lost your wallet or your handbag? Worrying should be the last thing you should do.

Our lost and found counter means that whenever our staff members see your valuables at an unsuitable place, we make sure it is safe with us until you come in and collect it. You can also inform us of your lost valuables so that we can play our part to help you find it.