Features That Make A Shopping Center Suitable For Buyers

Despite the growth of e-commerce, in-store traffic has not declined. The stakeholders took the challenge and revived traditional shopping by creating shopping centers, typically known as shopping malls these days, that gave the buyers all that they needed. It does not essentially mean the goods they wanted to buy were easily accessible but other aspects made it easier for them to shop. Nowadays, you will see that there are shopping centers everywhere in all the cities of the world, which are a people’s-to-place for easy shopping – you won’t even see less traffic there. Since it’s a one-stop-shopping why would people’s preferences not change? They choose to shop in the mall rather than in an open market. But there are a few features and points of engagement that need consideration when planning a shopping center.


Not all shopping centers are as good as a place people don’t mind coming back to often.  But some are really spacious with breathtaking atmosphere, like North Walk, Nazimabad. The features of this particular shopping mall are such that it suits every buyer and in a very short span it has become one of the best shopping centers in the city of lights. Let’s discuss what those features are:


Location and Prominence              

The success of any building is its location. The prime location of North Walk is the major feature that suits the shoppers. It is prominent to anyone passing by, in fact, it is visible even from a distance due to its structure.


Car Parking and Transport Availability

In a city like Karachi, people preplan parking their vehicles before leaving home, especially when they are going shopping. If a shopping center has a parking space it is a plus for it. As the shoppers will not be worried about where to park, also, knowing that vehicle will be safe. Secondly, public transport available near the mall is also a great convenience for people coming to the mall without their own conveyance.


Design and Architecture

The framework of a shopping center plays a key role in its success. However, it does not indicate that a bigger space is a sign of a better framework. What suits people most in a shopping center is the easy walkway and accessibility of all the amenities. In fact, many believe that a huge mall is more confusing and makes shopping complex rather than making it fun. All a buyer wants is that it is easy for them to traverse from one shop to the other.


Accessibility to Famous Brands

Let’s not tag our shoppers as brand-conscious people but there are several reasons why they prefer buying branded goods. Consumers at the mall want to save their time; they would not want to spend their entire time hunting for their required thing, so they pick their tried and tested brands. Or the ones they know they can trust because they know from the word of mouth. For comfort and satisfaction, the shoppers may probably want to buy their denim from non-other than the most sought-after denim brand, Levis, and a matching t-shirt to go with it from Engine. It is comfortable for anyone to go to one store like Mendeez and buy clothing, accessories, bathrobe, towels, perfumes, socks and slippers, and even undergarments. Or visit Shahzeb Saeed and Breakout for exclusive men’s wear. And Gul Ahmed and BTW for fashion-centric men and women.


Amusement and Entertainment

Although many people enjoy shopping yet they need respite from the tiresome task of going around from shop to shop. Thus, some sort of entertainment is a must. Some malls have an impressive play area for kids and an eating space with all renowned food joints. A few malls have high-quality cinemas.



North Walk is one such mall designed to fulfill the needs of the shoppers today, for example, after adopting online buying they want to switch back to the conventional, visceral experience with hands-on products – right in front of them which they can see and touch. We guarantee that North Walk will suit every buyer.