How a Great Parking Space Can Make Your Shopping Experience Phenomenal

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Doing all the hard work, providing the facilities, fulfilling the necessities in a business but everything is going in vain. Yes! It happens and the reason could be the parking space. Shocking and unexpected, right? Let’s see how? Vehicles are the primary form of transport. People traveling to places like malls use it primarily. The fact is no one is willing to waste time in finding a suitable parking spot. When people go to malls they want to have the best shopping experience, why would they waste their energy in parking? Clearly, no good parking area and you’ll lose your customers. It may seem a minor facility but can make a huge difference in business.

When talking about the parking space in malls there is always an issue. Either the parking slots are always full or the space is not that efficient to improve the experience of customers. But, in Karachi, we have The Northwalk shopping mall which along with the other facilities has an exemplary parking area. Customers visiting there always have the best shopping experience because of convenience. The Northwalk is a complete example of an ideal shopping mall. Its great and comfortable parking area makes an addition to its high-end facilities.


Wandering here and there for parking, especially in summer, is unbearable. It makes people avoid going to such places. However, a good parking space would not frustrate the customers.

Unmanaged parking areas make people drive endlessly to squeeze into small spaces. All this struggle makes the shopping experience worse. People in rush avoid being at places where they don’t have time to look for a parking slot. And this is how malls lose their customers. That is why having a great parking space is necessary to provide the best shopping experience to people.



People going out shopping expect a good day. That good day becomes worse when they have to fight for a satisfactory parking slot. A lot of visit cancellations happen because of previous bad parking experiences. So, If you don’t provide the convenience you won’t be having long-term customers.


Nobody likes wasting time. Everyone wants things to be quick and easy. Hence, the easier it is to park the more time it saves. It will give the best shopping experience to people. Buyers will surely visit again as it does not cost them time. This is how malls and other businesses earn their long-term customers.


A good parking space also does a favor in improving employee efficiency. How? Employees relying on public parking spend a lot of time finding one. This wastes their time which indirectly affects their efficiency to work. It could be a kind of interruption in their routine. Employee efficiency can be increased by ensuring readily available car parking.


Safe and secure parking reduces break-ins and damage. It gives people a sense of peace in their vehicles. So the employees and customers can freely work and have the best shopping experience respectively. Incidents like damage won’t disturb your business if you have a well-managed parking space. Safety brings trust that brings in more people toward your business.

Now you know why having a great parking space is important. If you are tired of spoiling your shopping experience because of the parking then you must shop from The Northwalk. Besides being the best shopping mall in Karachi it has all the facilities that a customer desires.

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