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This may have been addressed previously, if so, sorry for not finding it. I am using a Chromebook (v) and AnyDesk to do unattended access to a Linux desktop (Linux Mint 21). I connect fine, enter the password, get a glimpse of the desktop of the remote for about 1 second to perhaps a minute, then the screen goes black. For international users connecting from one language zone to another, AnyDesk has a feature for translating the keyboard layout. For example, a user in Poland using a Polish keyboard layout can co Currently CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + Hotkey commands are reserved for AnyDesk shortcuts. A list of our shortcuts can be found below: Hotkey Function; 1. Jul 19,  · Follow these steps: From your mobile device, launch AnyDesk. Tap on the logo on the right to access the pie menu. Tap the first option .


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regardless of whether an AnyDesk window is enabled. The menu command suppresses the keyboard shortcut. “Ctrl + Alt + Del” for the remote desk. There is a particular local security policy you can disable to enable the Ctrl+Alt+Delete requirements. 1. At first, press the Windows key+R. CTRL+ALT+DEL: Sends a CTRL+ALT+DEL command to the remote device. This is useful as CTRL+ALT+DEL commands sent via the keyboard are only transmitted locally.