Human Interaction in the Retail Experience

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When women go shopping they make a day of it! It’s usually a date with a friend or family member and the entire day is planned complete with a shopping list and a delightful stopover for a snack or lunch marking the end of the spree.


The company one chooses to shop with usually includes likeminded individuals—many prefer dwelling on what to buy; many are spontaneous shoppers. When you shop with a preferred someone you get a much-needed opinion—whether something suits you or to keep you from over spending.


Yet, what female shoppers particularly enjoy is a polite and knowledgeable sales person attending to them to help them feel special.Major retail outlets have made it a point to hire a sales team who are in line with the brand’s philosophy. A staff who is educated and courteous and ensures a memorable shopping experience to a shopper. Indifferent or impolite sales experiences leave a sour taste in the mouth and the customer will never return no matter how good the product. A good sales person also knows how to give customers their space without breathing down their necks and help them make a comfortable decision.

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To achieve this, elaborate staff trainings are carried out to teach the sales team to convey emotions like empathy, patience, adaptability and consistency. This in turn creates a strong company culture which can go a long way in creating a competitive advantage and ensure customer retention.


Ever since the concept of shopping began, the one element which remained synonymous with retail was human interaction. Speaking to the sales person, bargaining, asking about a product’s quality were part and parcel of making a purchase. Even though the e-shopping experience is at an all-time high and online websites have pop up Whatsapp Chat options to try to give the customer a semblance of human interaction, yet, the one-on-one contact at shopping malls is irreplaceable.


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