Is It Occasional Self-Love or You’ve Entered the Shopaholic Club?

That beautiful lilac dress gleaming through the display case, those black shoes on the rack that’d go with all party wear calling your name- are you giving in already? Do the Levis jeans appear in your dreams as well or you just can’t get that Gul Ahmed suits out of your head? We think this might be the deadly symptom of peak Shopaholic behavior.

But wait, occasionally giving into the urge to spend money on something that called out your name while window shopping is just treating yourself but splurging money on anything you lay your eye on and get attracted to seems a bit too much.

If you too can’t figure out whether it is an occasional self-love moment of yours or it’s the hazard of stepping into the shopaholic territory then here are a few major signs of shopaholics The Northwalk lists to clear the air:


You purchase things you don’t need:

did you buy flip-flops in winter and a sweater in summer? One more cutlery set added to the 10 sets already. Things have started to get out of hand. Shopping unnecessary items every now and then is a very clear sign you’re joining the ‘shopaholic club’.


You have several unopened or tagged items:

if the tags are still on the purchased items and they are lying around your house resting well, know you’ve got it bad. But look on the bright side the tags are still on you could still return them.


Every time you feel sad you shop:

shopaholics have an unconscious habit of shopping every time they are sad or feel super low. If you’ve noticed yourself doing the same, you know where you stand.


You know about every sale:

for shopaholics ‘sale’ sounds like ice cream in summer. Every sale sign to a shopaholic is similar to a kid in a candy store. Notice if every sale is on your list of ‘to be remembered and decide if you have joined the shopaholic category.


It makes you anxious if you don’t shop:

it causes stress and anxiety if shopaholics haven’t shopped for over a week or two, and it gets worse with the level of getting into shopping. Keep a check on how you feel when you don’t shop for a while.


You try to hide your habit to shop:

being addicted to shopping is an embarrassing thing to admit for shopaholics, and hiding and denial are their go-to options. If it is the same for you, boy oh boy help is needed.


Online stores and malls are your second home:

shopaholics tend to online shop because they don’t have to leave the house but they’d know every mall in town and they’d know which place sells what best; it’s their second home. If malls feel like your second home then it’s sealed you’ve landed into the shopaholic category.


If you tick all these boxes, The Northwalk thinks it’s true that you entered the ‘shopaholic club’ a while ago. Even if you are a shopaholic it is okay you can get over it. Keep a check on how much you spend, control your urges to buy, and every time you feel like visiting a mall head to The Northwalk and enjoy the walk instead of shopping.

However, if you don’t find any of the signs present in you, or maybe some of these signs feel weird to you then you’re definitely safe and that means you can head to The Northwalk, walk into Levis, Breakout, Engine, Gul Ahmed or whichever shop you like, give yourself a window shopping detox or buy yourself to a thing or two to treat yourself for not falling into the deathly trap of being a Shopaholic!