Luxury Brands to Look Out for at the Northwalk Shopping Mall in Karachi

Who wants to wander and do hard work in search of different brands? Obviously no one. Everyone wants their shopping experience to be Joy able. And especially when we talk about Karachi, people love to shop from luxury brands. But being citizens of one of the busiest cities, they want convenience. For this, we have some great shopping malls in Karachi.  

When it comes to shopping, the people of Karachi are quite choosy. They need diversity at one table, from which they can opt. That is why we take The Northwalk as the best shopping mall in Karachi. The reason is understood, it has all the luxury brands that are preferred by people while shopping. Besides having an ideal ambiance for shopping, it has the perfect brands for people who are brand conscious.  

Let’s check the luxury brands that you can look for at The Northwalk shopping mall 


Beyond east is one of the exquisite clothing brands providing stitched and unstitched clothes of different fabrics. Their clothes have an eastern and western touch as well. It has finally opened in Karachi at The Northwalk shopping mall. Their aim is to let people show self-love through their eye-catching clothing.  


The most famous pants maker, Levi’s, is known for their remarkable use of denim. Besides pants, their products also involve hats, skirts, belts, and jackets. This luxury brand has evolved from San Francisco. The Northwalk shopping mall has an exquisite outlet for Levi’s, where you can get amazing denim products.  


The engine has become an absolute destination for all the latest trends. The brand provides clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women. Their collection has diversity. You can use it either for occasions, casual, or work gatherings.   


Finding a quality brand for men’s clothing is hard. But you don’t need to work hard as The Northwalk has Shahzeb Saeed’s outlet. This brand is known for finest shalwar kameez, Dress, Trousers, and accessories for men. With a noteworthy collection for men, Shahzeb Saeed is growing exponentially.  


Breakout is the first Pakistani clothing brand for the youth. They have trendy collections for youth that can be worn at parties, colleges, and get-togethers. Being the best shopping mall in Karachi, the Northwalk has a great outlet reserved for our youth fashion.  


One of the most-known brands in Pakistan. Having an outlet for Outfitters at every shopping mall has become mandatory. Outfitters has a divergent collection for men, women, and juniors as well. Their collection spread from clothing to footwear, accessories, and fragrances. It always has some latest collections for your wardrobe.  


The ONE is the perfect brand for those having a keen sense of fashion. This UK-based brand loves to provide flexibility in fashion.  


Stylo started as a single-stored shoe shop. And it now has emerged as one of the most demanding footwear brands in Pakistan. They offer pumps, sneakers, sporty sandals, and all kinds of footwear. They have a wide variety of designs for their customers.  


Hush Puppies is a successful American footwear brand. They have always worked to add some funk to footwear. Their bright, funky collection is quite famous. Thanks to The Northwalk shopping mall, a great outlet for your footwear is now under easy reach.  


Although emerged from Switzerland, still Bata is one of the most favorite brands in Pakistan. It is a trusted footwear brand because of its quality and amazingly designed footwear. Luckily, The Northwalk has this demanding brand for their visitors to shop and treat themselves.  


Ndure is a national footwear brand, that delivers excellent products for men and women. Their collection includes derby, sneakers, loafers, sports wear, and many other options.  


Insignia is a luxury brand for top-notch shoes and bags. It has made its name through its magnificent products. The Northwalk shopping mall has its exquisite outlet to make your wardrobe luxurious. 


Aside from clothing and footwear, the Northwalk shopping mall has a great collection for travel accessories. The Companion has high-end luggage for making your travel experience convenient.  

 The Northwalk’s luxury outlets do not end here they have several top-notch brands and outlets of well-known names including: 

  • Walkeaze for bags and footwear  
  • BTW 
  • Mendeez 
  • Saeed Ghani  

 With upcoming outlets of 

  • Ideas  
  • Gulahmed  

 Shop at the Northwalk to get everything at once. You can check their website for further details.  

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