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Glass Facade Mega Storefronts

Glass Facade Mega Storefronts

To break away from the monotony of the concrete urban jungle in our surroundings, the project has been designed as a building that creates permeability between the building and the street.

The glass fa├žade of this retail space in Karachi breaks the visual barrier creating a seamless connection between the interior and exterior.

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Elevators, Escaltors & Security

Movement, we believe, can make or break an experience. With so many retail spaces, our high speed elevators & escalators make the commute faster and provide swift transits.

That coupled with security measures implemented at all times, makes the movement worthwhile.

50,000 SQ.FT of Underground Parking Space

Ever experienced a parking nightmare en route to your shopping adventure? Well, when North Walk was conceived, we made it a point to provide ample parking spaces for a seamless transition from the road to the store so that your shopping mood should never be disturbed.

The Food-Top Experience

The rooftop restaurant experience in Karachi is taken to yet another level at North Walk, offering you dine-in experiences with the top culinary outlets in the city. That, along with the urban view of one of the largest districts of the city, offers the perfect combination of a delightful setting and satisfying your cravings.

Air-Conditioning-Systems Karachi

Fire, Public Address, Building Management & Air-Conditioning Systems

Our mission to make this complex into a customer/consumer centric one has led us to implement modern and state-of-the-art facilities and systems so that even in cases of emergenies and unforseen incidents, no harm should come to our valuable customers.