Our Suggested Shops For The Latest Yet Comfortable Footwear

When buying shoes, the majority of people make their choice based on aesthetics rather than on health, although healthy feet are really important. Owning stylish and comfortable footwear is a dream for every fashion enthusiast.

In Karachi, the footwear market is swamped with low-quality goods that are sold to us as if they were name-brand products. People enter these tall towers in the hopes of buying the desired brand of shoes, but they have no idea that the salespeople are duping them with their sales techniques.

Today’s blog post will introduce you to a magnificent place where you may get the footwear you want without having to worry about its authenticity or quality. The specific Shopping Mall in Karachi is close to North Nazimabad, the district’s administrative center. One large-scale structure, the North Walk, turns become a source of pride for the residents of North, giving them something to be proud of.

Shop from the Luxurious Footwear Brands

You might be puzzled about where to find the newest brands in one location to shop. We can clear up your perplexity because The Northwalk Shopping Mall in Karachi has all of the most recent footwear collections in one location. It is astonishing that the Mall offers sparkling names like Stylo, Hush Puppies, Bata, Indure, and Insignia.

Let’s shed a light on these brands to educate you further.


Stylo has established itself as one of the most recognizable brands in the Pakistani footwear market, and it has no plans to slow down. In more than 100 Pakistani cities, Stylo has more than 200 brand locations. An ISO 9001-2000 accredited business, the brand has never compromised on the quality and never will. Stylo’s ability to follow trends in a volatile market has played a significant role in its development as a respected brand.

hush puppiesHush Puppies:

We designed shoes to assist parents to calm their puppies and we introduced the world to casual shoes and a more casual lifestyle. Since the beginning, Hush Puppies have stood for comfort, and today, our Bounce Technology platform allows us to keep innovating.

bataBata Pakistan:

Through a robust retail network that spans the entire nation and includes more than 500 retail locations, 200 registered wholesale dealers, 10 sales offices, 9 distributors, and 5 wholesalers, Bata Pakistan serves its devoted customers.ndure


At Indure the selection of footwear is appropriate for today’s versatile, multitasking youth. There is a shoe waiting in our stores for every aspect of you, whether it is corporately refined or funky fashioned. You can alter the course of history with us at your own pace.


One of Pakistan’s more upmarket stores, Insignia offers a glitzy and opulent selection of shoes. This brand’s use of pop culture, fashion weeks, red carpet events, and fashion journals is one of its flashier aspects.

Enter into the World of North Walk Shopping Mall

Northwalk Shopping Mall in Karachi is the greatest choice if you’re planning a full-day shopping trip with your family and friends because it’s so much more than just a mall; it’s an unforgettable experience.

The incredible facilities include:

  • Ride-Hailing Services
  • WiFi
  • Elevators, Escalators & Security
  • 50,000 SQ.FT of Underground Parking Space
  • The Food-Top Experience

Visit our website to get a better view of all our facilities: www.thenorthwalk.com