Peek A Bear

Introducing Peekabear The Best Soft Play Area for Kids at Northwalk!

We are excited to announce the grand opening of Peekabear, a new and top-notch soft play area designed to ignite children’s imagination and offer endless enjoyment at The Northwalk. Prepare for a thrilling adventure where playtime and laughter know no limits.


Peekabear provides a safe and lively environment where kids can unleash their energy and discover a world of delightful surprises. Our soft play area is carefully crafted with vibrant structures, captivating activities, and interactive play zones, guaranteeing a visit filled with excitement and awe for every child.


Observe as your little ones immerse themselves in a sea of ball pits filled with foam, conquer exhilarating slides, navigate through tunnels and bridges, and climb imaginative play structures that take them to new heights. At every step, they will encounter new friends, challenges, and countless opportunities for joyous laughter.


Peekabear is more than just a play area—it’s a space where children can enhance their social skills, develop motor abilities, and let their creativity soar. Our dedicated team of trained staff members ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.


Parents can relax in our comfortable seating area, reassured that their children are in a supervised and secure environment. We have taken all necessary measures to create a space that caters to the needs of both children and caregivers, making Peekabear an ideal destination for the entire family.


Conveniently located at Northwalk, Peekabear is easily accessible and perfect for playdates, birthday parties, or simply a day of limitless fun. We offer various packages and memberships to accommodate your preferences, allowing you to visit and play whenever you desire.


So bring your little adventurers to Peekabear, the finest soft play area at Northwalk, and witness their imaginations run wild. It’s a world of laughter, exploration, and unadulterated childhood bliss. We eagerly await your visit to Peekabear, where unforgettable memories are made!


Come and visit us today at Peekabear, Northwalk, and witness your children explore, play, and experience the enchantment of childhood in our exceptional soft play area.