Five Benefits of a Roof-Top Restaurant

rooftop restaurant in Karachi

Ever since the pandemic, people have developed a new-found appreciation for fresh air and the great outdoors. We, as a society, have also begun to appreciate open, commodious spaces that allow us to maintain a social distance yet, socialize and mingle freely. A roof-top restaurant in one of the prime locations of Karachi provides us these perks along with a great variety of food to tantalize your taste buds.
Here are five top benefits of dining in a roof-top restaurant:

A Novelty:

Karachi city is a congested, fast growing metropolis where space is a major issue. In such a case, roof tops restaurants gives one a novel dining experience where one doesn’t have to sit inside a crowded eatery or worse, on a swarming road side. A roof-top eatery is a creative, clever and unique use of space and a solution to these issues.

The Fragrance of Fresh Air:

The pandemic has also created an aversion to air conditioned or sealed spaces and people have come to relish fresh air. Some people cannot withstand air conditioned places because of the uncomfortable temperatures or allergies. Thus, fresh natural air is the paramount perk of a roof top restaurant which will save you from the noise and pollution of the busy thoroughfares of the city. This is also an added perk for restaurants owners who end up spending less money or cooling or lighting the premises.

Spacious and Comfortable:

Roof-top restaurants, like the ones at North Walk in North Nazimabad, are an ideal use of good space, allowing large groups of people to easily dine, socialize and have a good time. There are less chances of waiting for a table if the area is capacious and this also allows privacy as tables are spaced further apart. For restaurant owners as well, open-air eating spaces also help save on extravagant interior décor especially when the view is soothing and enjoyable.

Enhanced Security:

Rooftop restaurants are surely more secure than road side eateries since people have to go into a security check on the ground floor first before going up. That means you can ensure that everyone who enters the rooftop restaurant is there to eat and have fun and not to cause any trouble.

A Hot Spot:

A series of roof-top restaurants, like the ones at the North Walk, promise to be a one-of-a-kind feature in Karachi and will attract a host of people who wish to experience something unique and refreshing. Ready to open its doors in 2022, NW will surely be the talk of the town.

The opening of The North Walk along main Shahrah e Sher Shah Suri in North Nazimabad, Karachi, will be a much anticipated event in the year 2022. The showrooms and stores at NW that overlook the main road will showcase top national and international brands in this part of the city and also provide a exclusive dining experience with its range of roof top restaurants opened by top food giants and popular franchises. Visit the North Walk website for details of this exceptional project.