Shopaholics! Get Your Checklist Ready For a Hassle Free Shopping At Northwalk

Hassle Free Shopping Experience

Hey shoppers! Looking for hassle free shopping experience where you can
conveniently shop? To abstain our customers from this nuisance, we at THE NORTH
WALK intends to offer you an experience that is blissfully unique and one of a kind.


Just to give the readers brief know-how of what this magical place really is, we
have jotted down some of the details which will provide you with a clear view of the
best shopping center in Karachi. It is basically a walking space that brings life to the
thought of shopping and teems with energy, epitomizing the spirit of the North.


To escape from the banality of the concrete urban mesh in our surroundings, THE
NORTH WALK has been specially designed and constructed which breaks away the
the barrier between the building and the street giving you a hassle free shopping
experience. A see-through connection between the interior and exterior is formed,
making it even easier for the customers to have a euphoric experience.


Along with the entertainment purposes fully accounted for, THE NORTH WALK also facilitates
the customers in each way possible, be it through elevators, escalators, and strict
security systems. All these aspects eventually make the move worthwhile.


Another fantastic fringe benefit is the underground parking arrangement; our
manufacturing team specially made it a point to provide an abundant amount of
space so that your train of shopping thoughts is never broken.


Moreover, the roof-top dine-in system has taken THE NORTH WALK to a whole new level. We have a top-notch culinary outlet here that completes your shopping spree on a good note. Not just that, but the urban and panoramic view of the largest district in Karachi makes
an ideal combination of enchanting setting and satisfying your cravings. Our vast
range of brands includes:


● Beyond East
● Levis
● Lulusar
● Engine
● Shahzeb Saeed
● Breakout
● Outfitters
● One
● Stylo
● Hush Puppies
● Bata
● Ndure
● Insignia
● Companion


Pretty much everything is sorted once you decide you come to the best shopping
center in Karachi. Let yourself experience this rejuvenating shopping mall and you
will automatically be able to differentiate between the old-school shopping center
and THE NORTH WALK, from the striking LED light to cleanliness, luxurious brand,
security systems, and whatnot! THE NORTH WALK has been labeled as the best
shopping center in Karachi for an appropriate reason. For further details and
queries, visit our website now.