Shopping Malls Are More Than Just For Shopping Purposes

Hassle Free Shopping Experience

If you still think all a mall is capable of is shopping then you need some more thinking to do because even though it’s called a shopping mall, a mall is capable of more than just shopping. Malls have become interesting places to hang out, especially shopping malls in Karachi 


5 Things to do at a shopping mall other than shopping 


  • Have meet-ups: shopping malls are great places to hang out with friends and plan meet-ups. Miss friends or want to have a reunion? A mall is a great place to get together, chit-chat, catch up on things, and remember the old times. Shopping malls in Karachi are even easier to reach for everyone, like a middle meetup point. 
  • Try new food: the food courts at shopping malls in Karachi honestly have some of the best food items. There is nothing better to gather around the table over a meal with the people that make you feel good. A good outing ending with good food and good people makes your heart as full as it can get. 
  • Window shop: not always are we in the mood to spend when we visit the shopping malls and to be honest not every time does our pocket permit us to do so but you could always window shop. Window shopping takes no money, you just walk around the shops and brands that you like, look through the collections and make a note in your head to keep your pockets full the next time you visit because you have a list of things to buy. 
  • Know new trends: shopping malls in Karachi are absolutely the best place to know the ongoing trends and the ‘what’s in’s. Visiting shopping malls to know what the ongoing fashion articles are and sometimes for inspiration for your own wardrobe is a very convenient idea. 
  • Walk around:  hurdled up in the home but you need to get out for a while, be somewhere with more people and just walk around, maybe grab a bite later or find something you wanted to buy for a while then a shopping mall is your go-to place. 

Easy to reach, fun to have a gathering, big enough to roam around and a lot of other stuff, shopping malls just offer a lot to do nowadays but the recycled air does make one feel weird and lightheaded but wait have you been to The Northwalk? 

How is The Northwalk different from other shopping malls in Karachi? 

Located in the heart of Nazimabad on a bustling street with all the supreme brands The Northwalk stands to be the best shopping mall in Karachi but what makes it uniquely different from the other shopping malls in karachi is not the brands or the location but the 1300 sqft walking area around the premises. 

The Northwalk comes with its own well-lit area for walking purposes for every visitor who’ll love to have some time just walking around, taking in the fresh air without feeling cooped up or too crowded. The Northwalk’s walking area provides comfortable personal space that is absolutely a sight to the eyes at night with all its light. 

Head to Nazimabad to experience the surreal walk through The Northwalk and for all the more information about what The Northwalk as the best shopping mall in Karachi has to offer, head to The North Walk.