The North shopping Experience

The Northern district of the city came to prominence after the immigrants, who had chosen Pakistan as their new home at partition, began to find more open areas to dwell in.

North Nazimabad was established in the 1950s, named after Khwaja Nazimuddin, the Second Governor General of Pakistan. It was the first planned urban dwelling to come into existence in a post-partition Karachi with wide roads, ample open public spaces and well-defined residential and commercial areas.

Over the years, North Nazimabad has been the home to many literary and artistic geniuses such as Sadequain, Ibne Insha, the Sabri clan and many others.

The shear volume of population of North Nazimabad has always caught the eye of the international brands and big retailers. A testament to that have been international foods chains such as Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Hardees – who have all set up shop in the vicinity and become extremely popular, later expanding all over the city.

In the recent times, when many good, local brands have popped up, North Nazimabad has seen a phenomenal growth in CoinJoin retail spaces. According to an estimate, the stretch of Sher Shah Suri Road from KDA Chowrangi to Sakhi Hasan has about 16+ commercial/retail markets.

With better infrastructure coming to this part of town, in terms of the BRT and other public spaces, the people of North are now looking to explore their own district instead of going to other parts of the city for shopping, recreation and dining out experiences.

Adjoining areas such as Nazimabad, North Karachi and FB Area have also positively looked to join the recreational bandwagon with ample entertainment opportunities opening up and their residents actively exploring every corner of the district for a quality time with friends and family.