The North Walk-A Safe Place to Hang-out

Teenagers in our part of the world, especially in a metropolis like Karachi, yearn for a place where they can simply hang out and unwind. In face of the myriad of pressures from their family and peers, a chance for them to sit in a luxurious ambiance that is close to home is a much-coveted desire.

Even though the shopping mall has been a place for tweens and teens to hang out in the West for many years, this has become the rage in Pakistan relatively recently since the last two decades. Chator Mason, an associate professor of psychology at the University of South Carolina, says hangouts are instinctual. “Teens have to have a place that’s theirs… A sanctuary where ideas are swapped and social interaction takes place.”


These malls in Karachi began to crop up, however, on the other side of the bridge, usually in the elite areas of Clifton or Defence. In recent years, places like Tariq Road and Rashid Minhas Road have basked in the welcome sight of malls that are coming together of high-end brands, food courts, and kiosks displaying unique wares. With the advent of such places, teenagers have felt there are more accessible places for them to hang out in.

Yet, after 2020, a safe mall is one that has at least the following facilities:


  1. Security provisions including security personnel and CCTV cameras.
  2. Spacious enough to allow for social distancing
  3. Ample security and fire exits in case of a situation that requires evacuation.
  4. Sanitizing points at the entrance and in each outlet.
  5. A complete mask-on policy.
  6. An open-air food court or restaurants.
  7. Incorporating a less-density, fast-flow rule.
  8. Convenient parking.
  9. Easy access to public transport.


The North Walk, the newly constructed strip mall, located in the heart of North Nazimabad, off KDA, is one of the safest and most accessible, upcoming malls. It will promise our young generation a safe place to hang out in his part of town, allowing them to feel better and providing a memorable recreational experience in the form of road-facing cafes, spacious shopping spaces, and an array of delicious cuisine on rooftop eateries. Visit The North Walk and take a look at the mall features and brands it will proudly showcase.