The North Walk-Experience the Mall of the Future

Best Shopping Mall In Karachi

Ever since the much-awaited opening of the North Walk in North Nazimabad, Karachi, was witnessed amidst much fanfare including a massive array of fireworks on 23rd of March 2022, shoppers have been thronging to this latest mall in Karachi to sample its many branded wares. As the wedding season comes to an end and the blessed month of Ramadan Kareem is welcomed, shoppers continue to get a head start on their Eid shopping at the North Walk.

The buzz around town is that this mall is the ultimate in convenience and thus futuristic in every way. From the SMD screens that greet you to the tinkling water fountains and spacious walk outside the line of stores facing Main Shershah Suri Road that is a sight for sore eyes in this urban jungle, to the sheer convenience of ample underground and roadside parking, The North Walk is much needed relaxing retail experience.

For those who don’t wish to drive to the mall, fret not! For seamless commuting the North Walk has partnered with the biggest ride-hailing services in Karachi so there is no wastage of time or your prized energy.

Inclusive and compassionate in every way, the philosophy behind creating the walk was to make it immersive for people of all age groups. The presence of wheel chairs for the elderly or handicapped at important spots in the complex ensure that no one feels left out.

Add to that the presence of WIFI hotspots available throughout the multiple levels of the 150,000 sq. arena—the North Walk encourages you to share your experience with your family and friends through smooth digital connectivity. This is one of the main reasons young people find this mall in Hyderi so appealing.

So if you still haven’t treated yourself to the North Walk experience, make sure you do visit this mall this Ramadan and enjoy shopping in comfort and convenience at one of the best malls in Karachi, Pakistan.