The North Walk’s Rejuvenating Walking Space

Walking Space

The North Walk, nestled in North Nazimabad, is more than just your ordinary shopping mall; it’s a vibrant hub that celebrates the essence of human connection. In a world driven by technology and fast-paced lifestyles, The North Walk brings back the joy of human interaction as well as physical fitness. This space transcends the concept of retail in Karachi and has become a cherished destination for shoppers and the community alike.


Exploring the World of The North Walk on Foot

As you step into The North Walk, you’ll immediately sense a different vibe. It’s not just about shopping; it’s about the experience of strolling through a lively, bustling space that exudes energy. This walking space, spanning an impressive 1300 square feet, is a testament to the fact that people don’t just buy products; they invest in the therapy of well-designed spaces where they can feel good about themselves and bond with the people they love.


The North Walk’s walking space is a canvas of possibilities. It welcomes visitors with open arms, inviting them to take leisurely walks, meet friends, or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere. The thoughtful design and layout of this area provide ample room for exploration. Wide storefronts stretch across 336+336 feet, offering a visually captivating experience that beckons you to discover what lies beyond.


In this sprawling walking space, every step has a story to tell. It’s a place where people from all walks of life come together, creating a diverse tapestry of interactions. Whether you’re a solo explorer, a couple enjoying a shopping spree, or a family or group of friends on a weekend outing, The North Walk’s walking space is a welcoming haven.


The Physical and Mental Benefits of Walking

Walking may get you from one place to another but is a source of physical and mental well-being as well. As you traverse The North Walk’s inviting walking area, you’ll experience the health benefits that come with each step. 


It’s a chance to escape the sedentary lifestyle, increase your daily activity levels, and enjoy the fresh air. Moreover, walking has been proven to reduce stress, boost creativity, and enhance overall cognitive function. The North Walk provides the ideal setting to reap these advantages.


The act of walking has the power to rejuvenate your body and mind. It is a simple yet effective way to disconnect from the digital world, allowing you to reconnect with your thoughts and emotions. The North Walk encourages this disconnect in the most delightful way, offering a refuge from the constant buzz of notifications and emails and enhancing your mental health.


Understanding the Concept of Walking Space at The North Walk

The North Walk’s walking space goes beyond the conventional idea of corridors in a shopping mall. It’s a carefully designed area that encourages exploration, free movement, chance encounters, and shared experiences. The spacious 150,000 square feet of retail space along Main Sher Shah Suri Road, North Nazimabad, and the 336+336-foot wide storefront provide ample room for both shoppers and visitors to engage and explore.


Incorporating nature into the walking space’s design, The North Walk provides an oasis of greenery and refreshing fountains amidst the urban landscape. Lush plants and trees line the pathways, offering shade and a sense of serenity. The fountains provide respite from the Karachi heat. This natural touch adds to the overall appeal, making the walking space an inviting retreat for all.


How The North Walk Has been Designed to Become More Than Just Retail Space in Karachi?

The North Walk isn’t just a place to buy products; it’s a destination that fosters a sense of community and togetherness. With an underground parking space spanning 50,000 square feet, it ensures convenience for all. The ample parking space eliminates the hassle of searching for a spot and fighting for double parking. Instead, it allows visitors to start their experience on a stress-free note.


The North Walk is committed to creating a seamless blend of retail and leisure. It offers a diverse range of retail outlets, from fashion boutiques to electronics stores, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.



  • What is a retail space?

A retail space is an area within a shopping complex or mall where businesses offer their products or services to customers. 


  • Can everyone use the walking space at The North Walk?

The North Walk’s walking space is open to all, inviting everyone to enjoy the physical, mental, and social benefits of a leisurely stroll. This is why even on early Sunday morning you will see an array of tiktokers using the impressive glass front façade for videos and shoots. 



In a world dominated by virtual interactions and hurried, congested lifestyles, The North Walk stands as a testament to the enduring charm of real-world connections. Its expansive walking space is not just a means to get from one store to another; it’s an invitation to embrace the simple joys of walking and to rediscover the art of human connection. So, take a step forward, and immerse yourself in this unique blend of retail and community, where every stroll becomes a memorable journey at The North Walk.