The Retail Experience in a Post-COVID World

We live in pandemic ridden times where the world has turned to take refuge in all things digital. It comes as no surprise then that e-commerce has witnessed exponential growth in the shortest time span during the last one year.

Yet, even in such uncertain times, the retail scene was one people craved more than ever. So the question arises: What can one expect from the retail market in a post-COVID world?

The answer lies in a number of factors.

First, would be the urge to get out and explore. The physical constraints, that have come as part and parcel of the coronavirus outbreak will soon have to be forgotten for the sake of exploring and experiencing new sights and creative products.

Second; the contrast in the digital vs in-person experience. No matter how enhanced a digital experience may have become in terms of convenience and product targeting, it can never take away the tangibility and the experiential nature of in-person retail shopping. This is why, people yearn to go back out there for an even better physical retail experience.

Third; customer loyalty remains undeterred. No matter how apt the product, how efficient the delivery and how cordial the after sales service may be, there is nothing that can compete with the unique, feel-good experience a physical shopping spree has to offer.

2020 was an extraordinary year because of the pandemic which wreaked havoc and the consequent regulations it brought in its wake. It is important to understand that the world didn’t stop functioning during that time and life did go on. 2021 dawned with hope in the form of vaccine rollouts, lifting of lockdowns and SOPs being followed as part of the new norm. This may well mean that there is even more reason to head out to your favourite store and indulge in a well-deserved shopping spree.

So what is the future of retail?

The retail experience is more anticipated than ever before. People are in the quest for the right amount of customer satisfaction, engaging entertainment, memorable eating out opportunities– all the while ensuring their safety and well-being. This combination is sure to have them coming back for more.