Three Reasons Why Everyone is Anticipating Roof Top Restaurants at North Walk

Using open spaces may have started off as something which was done to promote social distancing during the pandemic but over a period of time, spending time outdoors has become very liberating to us all. Another aspect Karachites have a new found respect for is the fact that despite it being a congested metropolis, there are still several buildings which are not high rise and have given people the opportunity to enjoy roof top events may they be weddings, gatherings and even dining experiences. This shift is the reason why many upcoming dining ventures have special areas dedicated to outdoor or rooftop dining.
North Nazimabad is an area that has evolved dramatically in the last decade. From the cropping up of tall buildings replacing bungalows to a variety of super marts and malls and then the latest Green Line, this part of Karachi is suddenly very happening and alive. A remarkable addition to the area as you enter main Sheh Shah Suri Road is a glittering strip mall with envicrete paths, ample underground parking, a vibrant array of LED screens and tall glass windows which wow us. This is the first strip mall of Karachi—The North Walk–which promises to showcase top national and international brands.
Like any mall, the North Walk in Haidry, Karachi also promises a variety of fine dining and fast food experiences in a roof top setting. Unlike other malls where you might have to climb stairs, catch the elevator or escalator to climb several floors, the North Walk is unique and refreshing as it has a single floor and addition of one storey and then a rooftop.
Here are 3 reasons why people are anticipating the dining experiences at NW’s rooftop:

  1. Here’s a peaceful vantage point of the Karachi skyline where you can enjoy your meal is one the main attractions of the North Walk rooftop restaurants. Be it during the day or in the inky serenity of nightfall, sitting on the roof and being served delectable meals in the balmy Karachi breeze will be a worthwhile experience, minus the pollution and noise of roadside eateries.
  2. The safety of the open air is an undisputed plus point as we still haven’t bid goodbye to the pandemic. People feel safer as a strict masks-on policy, temperature checks and open-air dining protocol are followed at North Walk providing you and your loved ones a stress-free socializing time.
  3. Karachiites, as a people are always up for trying something new and eating out, is their favorite pass time. Thus, the North Walk rooftop culinary delights will surely be an attraction for them to appease their palette.

If you are in the North Nazimabad area, then don’t miss one of its latest landmarks in the form of the modern North Walk. As a retailer if you are contemplating another outlet in Karachi then the shops on rent at the North Walk provide you the best platform to showcase your goods and connect with potential clients. Contact us to be a part of the pride of the North.
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