Top 5 Features of the Best Shopping Mall

Best Features Of A Shopping Mall - North Walk

Nowadays, shopping malls are the new way of making your weekend fun. It has everything under one roof including shopping retails, food court, entertainment, cosmetics, fashion, decor, etc. Best shopping malls are a place of fun for everyone as it has good activities for the whole family. Adults can indulge in shopping, children can spend time in entertainment spots, and foodies can have a food court tour. Hence, it is a good place to pass time.


From the business point of view, shopping malls could be the finest place to invest these days. It can be a source of stable income with a low-risk rate as malls are high-in-demand places. Shopping malls used to be retail but now are recreational places for fun and promising business investments.


For running a booming shopping mall, it is necessary to make it a shopper’s attraction. Best shopping malls have specific features that keep shoppers coming back. People prefer malls where their needs are fulfilled well. For this reason, it is crucial to have some high-end features to maintain a top-notch shopping mall.





Top 5 Features of the Best Shopping Mall


Turning a shopping mall into a successful project, it needs to be at a public center where public and private transports are reachable. Like The North Walk shopping mall which is located in North Nazimabad, Karachi. It is in the city center near the green line bus service which makes it convenient for people to reach there.


Best shopping malls should be in a central area as it develops traffic which is a plus point for good business.




Top 5 Features of the Best Shopping Mall


What makes a shopping mall stand out? Most prominently its architecture. A high-end shopping mall should have an exquisite and well-planned building structure. A well-crafted and magnificent design makes a building distinctive. Well-executed shops, entertainment areas, top-notch entrances, grand lobbies, and astonishing roofing create an exciting ambiance.


The North Walk shopping center is the best example of quirky architecture. Its glass facade mega storefronts is the most noticeable feature that completely modernizes its look.




Top 5 Features of the Best Shopping Mall


Best shopping malls must have an end to end entertainment facilities to stick shoppers there. But entertainment should be with comfort. The North Walk shopping center takes full care of the shopper’s entertainment. They have divergent apparel and shoe brands, travel, and sports goods, eateries, and many other facilities with of course most demanding free WIFI facility.




Top 5 Features of the Best Shopping Mall


Satisfactory food courts are undoubtedly a must-have facility of a shopping mall. Without this, malls cannot make a beneficial business. The North Walk has taken the food court experience to another level by providing a splendid roof-top court. It is a much-needed change in the best shopping malls like The North Walk.




Maintaining a shopping mall is not a piece of cake as it demands high-security features to ensure safety. The best shopping malls should have active security features with well-trained staff and an efficient surveillance system. From security officers to customer representatives, each member should be professionally trained. Loss and found counters are the most required feature for the safety of shopper’s amenities.


The best shopping malls should have diverse retail outlets so the customers can never get bored. Variety attracts the majority and it makes a business successful as well. The North Walk shopping center is the perfect example of how malls should be developed and maintained.

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