What Makes North Walk the Best Shopping Destination

The Best Shopping Destination in Karachi - North Walk

Life has become fast-paced across the world. As a result, people have changed their lifestyles. When it comes to shopping, no one wants to take the hassle of going around from one shop to another to buy their required thing. Hence, people find malls very convenient, they have influenced many over time. There are several reasons on the whole why people prefer shopping in a mall.


Karachi is one of those cities that has some incredible malls. North Walk is one such shopping mall in Karachi. It is a great place not only for shopping but for entertainment as well. Since its opening it has brought about a revolution in the culture of shopping – diversity with ease and comfort is what this intriguing mall is all about.


Convenience all shoppers seek


In a crowded city like Karachi, when people plan to go shopping their greatest concern is car parking. When planning this marvelous mall, developing a parking space was top of the list for providing convenience to the customers. Parking available in the basement is meant to give customers relief from worrying about their parked car in an unsafe area while they are shopping in the mall.


Technological Amenities


North Walk has made the best of use of modern technology – high-speed escalators and elevators make it easy for the customers to commute inside the mall and offer smooth transits. It increases their stay time in the mall as it saves their time and energy.


A variety of food for all age groups


The food court at this fabulous shopping mall in Karachi is one of its kind, besides a great next-level food variety, the tired and hungry shoppers love to relax in the rooftop food court – enjoying the ambiance and the aesthetics of the place. Furthermore, North Walk is not just a place to shop but it is also a spot where people enjoy dining with family and friends. The food court has numerous cuisines to relish.


Brands of your choice


Local and international brands play a significant role in the reputation and popularity of North Walk. One can buy, shoes, bags, make u, jewelry, home accessories, clothing, travel, sports goods, etc. It is actually ‘you name it and you get it at this mall. Local brands are preferred by the ones who want to spend staying within their budget. And the ones who are more conscious about the quality and have no reservation about spending more on their desired item, go for international brands. Hence, the mall ensures that shoppers have a wide variety at hand here. Customers want variety and that is what they get here – from pocket friendly to luxurious products – all under one roof.


Open Wifi – need of the day


The current time’s requirement is an internet connection available at all times. It is a need for people of all ages. People want to stay connected to the world even when they are shopping. Having wifi connection in the mall is one more feature that makes North Walk one of the best shopping malls in Karachi.


Attractive Front Elevation


Glass always looks captivating – the front elevation made of high-quality glass is a striking feature of the mall. Glass adds to the style and beauty of the building and it can transmit natural light in all directions which gives a lively feeling. Glass façade is trending, so this makes the mall appear upgraded and modern in the first sight – which is, of course, inviting.


No one should feel left out


The wheelchair facility is an exclusive service at North Walk. Often disabled people avoid such places because they do not have wheelchair access. Disabled and old people who have difficulty walking can avail of this service and be a part of the crowd at the mall like any other normal person.


North Walk has made its name in the city and has become an epitome of service with comfort. Your experience at North Walk will b a memorable one and you surely will recommend it to your family and friends. Once you visit this mall, even a long commute farther part of the city will not be an issue for you. Shop. Eat. Enjoy.