What makes North Walk the best mall in Karachi?

The Best Shopping Mall In Karachi - North Walk

What is your luxury comfort yet affordable and convenient place to visit? We all need a place where we can find a bit of escape from ordinary life. Every area always has that one spot that is always in the hearts and minds of people. You ask them this question and the quick answer is the name of that place! North walk shopping mall has been designed to complement that image perfectly. North Walk separates you from your daily basic life and gives you the sense of a different environment from an ordinary one. Now you will be thinking what really is there to make it stand out from the rest? Therefore, in this blog, I will tell you why North Walk is the best shopping mall in Karachi.

North walk is situated in North Nazimabad. It’s a shopping mall that provides you relief from the outside world. All types of people inhabit North Nazimabad this is why it is also a place or attraction for people. People like to visit and shop in a place with all the options available in one place. There are always accommodation services which save customers from any type of worry. Following are the reason which makes North walk the best of all:

Reasons Why North Walk is The Best Shopping Mall In Karachi?

The Best Shopping Mall in Karachi


Glass exterior and maintenance:

The well thought amazing glass design provides comfort to people. It gives a sense of connectivity to the other side. It does not let you feel like you are separated from your actual culture or place. The see-through walls of North Walk Karachi allow people to look outside and outsiders can look inside and anticipate the environment. This kind of design attracts the outsiders and encourages them to visit this place so they too can experience the good they have on the inside.


Parking area:

Have you noticed how frustrating it is to not be able to find a parking spot? It suddenly ruins our mood and also causes a kind of frustration. Well, it is justified, who would want a hurdle when they have some task set in their mind? Or they have someplace set where they want to hang out. Not being able to get a place will immediately turn things upside down but, worry not, for you North Walk has 50,000 SQ.FT area just for parking. This much space is dedicated to parking to make sure you get a spot and all things go on as smooth as butter. This facility makes North Walk the best shopping mall in Karachi.


Wheelchair facility:

North Walk makes sure that its customers feel safe and welcomed in their environment. They have made wheelchair services available in complex spaces to win over the disabilities of people. This service makes everyone feel included and thus no one feels left out.


Wide space:

We all have realized the importance of distance after corona spread out. This disease has actually made people considerable about the importance of space. They are always cautious with congested areas. North Walk is a place where you don’t have to worry about social distance at all. It is very spacious having a 1300FT walking area which allows you to maintain your distance without any discomfort.


Up to date with all trends:

If you are someone who likes to follow fashion trends then they have got you! They have all trendy brand outlets available. You can easily shop for all your needs in one place. No matter what your fashion taste is, they have got something for everyone.


Rooftop experience:

Need a place to chill with your friends or family but also want open air? They have got you! The rooftop eating area of North Walk is a hot topic in North Nazimabad. This area attracts people because it is safer and people have become used to open places because of the corona. This place is always pleasing no matter if you are having lunch or eating dinner under the open sky.


Understanding the modernity of the era:

They understand the current need for the internet and how half of the world is working because of it. The Internet has become the most important thing among all ages and therefore; North Walk provides continuous wifi connection in all of its corners. This also makes North Walk the best shopping mall in Karachi because it is an attraction for both young and old.


If you want to forget about your worries for a while then go hang out with your friends and family at North Walk. This shopping mall will accommodate you in every way possible and a beautiful experience is guaranteed so, what are you waiting for? Make plans and get ready to shop and eat at the best place in Karachi!

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