What to Expect From the Best Shopping Mall

Best Shopping Mall in Karachi

Malls have redefined shopping experiences completely making them a satisfying outing cum retail adventure. Karachi has many shopping malls that are fun to explore, but one question remains unanswered. What should you expect from the best shopping malls? Here is what most avid shoppers claim are the elements of a preferred or popular shopping mall. 

The best shopping mall should have: 

Shopping Mall With Attractive Exterior:

Shopping malls around the world are now turning into places of tourist attraction and rightly so. Keeping that inclination in mind, the North Walk shopping mall in North Nazimabad stands out with its façade of fine, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, tinkling fountains, paved pedestrian walkways, spacious shops, and boutiques that infuse joy into the shopping experience. 

shopping mall

Promising Brands:

North Walk is full of up-and-coming brands that offer a wide variety of superior Western and Eastern attire to create an unforgettable fashion experience. Whether you are a teen, a twenty-something, middle-aged, or are simply looking for classy options for your children, North Walk has something to appease each taste and style without compromising on quality.

One-Stop Shopping Solution stores:

No one has the time or energy to scout one mall after the other in Karachi’s heat and pollution. Smart shoppers are looking for malls that provide a one-stop solution where the entire family can shop. Here are a few brands at North Walk that make the area a shopper’s paradise: 

  1. If you want everything under one roof, go to Outfitters. Their products include a wide range of Western wardrobe options, a range of shoes, accessories, and fragrances for men, women, and juniors. Visit the North Walk outlet for classy pieces to please everyone.
  2. For many men and women, finding the best brand and fit for you is something you don’t want to compromise on. Be one step ahead in the fashion game to keep up with mercurial current trends. Only shops like ONE do all the tricky work so you can enjoy amazing dresses and unique accessories while keeping up with the current styles.
  3. For a hassle-free experience, some may be looking for a store that meets their Western and Eastern clothing needs under one roof. The famous brand Beyond East houses chic-style oriental dresses, unique seamless fabrics, and a variety of women’s trousers along with men’s and women’s parts. 

 Sole for Souls: 

Good shoes will take you where you want to go, shoe lovers agree. No shopping spree is complete without shoes. North Walk aims to make every step comfortable and the wide selection of footwear in all its stores makes walking easy. Discover many famous brands for your right occasion.  

  1. If preppy or casual clothing is your style, you should buy comfortable shoes from Ndure. Here you’ll find shoes that are lighter than air.
  2. For the perfect pair for everyday use, Bata is the choice to bring power to your feet.
  3. Follow your dreams with Insignia high heels with a wide range of party wear that will make your jaw drop.
  4. If you want to make a mark at formal meetings, Hush Puppies formal wear is here to help.

Delicious Dining: 

In addition to the famous McDonald’s franchise that is immensely popular at all hours, the mall’s unique up-and-coming rooftop restaurants will be worth a visit. Dining on the top floor with mesmerizing views of the city skyline is a must after shopping. 

The best malls always have a unique blend of the best outlets, clothing options, food, and ambiance, and North Walk is specially designed to make your shopping experience unforgettable. Visit it and decide for yourself.