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As its name indicates, the INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE BSOD reflects some kind of issue with a Windows installation’s designated boot device. Step 1, Free download, install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Insert your USB drive into the computer and make sure it can be. To update a faulty driver, visit your hardware manufacturer’s official website and find and download the latest drivers. Often, controller drivers like IDE ATA/.


Windows 10 inaccessible boot device error free download


You may follow the on-screen instructions to get rid of the viruses or malware on your Windows 10 PC. Faulty, incompatible, outdated, or corrupt device drivers are also considered primary reasons for Inaccessible Boot Device error on Windows 10 system. You may try to update your drivers with the following steps:. Open Device Manager , open the device category for which you want to update the driver. Right-click on the driver and select Update Driver.

See Image 5. Image 5: Select the driver and click Update driver. On the next open window, click Search automatically for drivers. See Image 6. Image 6: Select the option to search automatically for drivers. Windows will start looking for the latest drivers. Image 7: Search for updated drivers on Windows Update.

Next, you will see all the available updates. See Image 8. Image 8: Install the latest driver software in Windows Sometimes, the hard drive may also cause the Inaccessible Boot Device error in Windows If the hard drive consists of bad sectors or is infected with a virus, it may get corrupted and cause problems.

Due to this, you will lose all the data stored in the bad sectors. However, if you have a backup, you may proceed without any second thoughts. See Image 9. The process may take a while to complete. When the process gets finished, close the window and reboot your system. This DIY software can help you extract all kinds of data, such as files, folders, photos, videos, and more.

However, if you have Windows 7 or the older versions installed, you may directly proceed with running the SFC scan. To run the DISM tool, follow the given steps:.

Your stop code – Inaccessible Boot Device should be fixed now! It’s time to Enter Safe Mode! More than often, your system gets stuck in the process of rebooting after the stop code: Inaccessible Boot Device appears. Step 1: Hold on the “Power” button to turn your system on and press it again to turn it off.

Repeat this process twice or thrice to begin Automatic Repair. Hit “Restart”. Follow these simple steps to perform Windows 10 reset and fix stop code – Inaccessible Boot Device error. When hardware like RAM is faulty, you are likely to get such an error. And therefore, if the above solutions didn’t help you, try to check for any faulty hardware. Check Ram and if it’s fine, you can try checking the hard drive or motherboard. See if it works for you. Unfortunately, if things are still the same, we would like to recommend you reflashing your BIOS.

This is because corrupted BIOS can be a big culprit for the issue and might bother you. Often, after you fix stop code – Inaccessible Boot Device or Windows stop code: Unmountable Boot Volume, you might lose critically important data.

In such cases, you can use the ultimate data recovery tool called Recoverit Data Recovery to recover lost data. You can use this tool to recover all types of lost files after stopping error – Inaccessible Boot Device or Windows Stop code: Unmountable Boot Volume. Open the Recoverit Data Recovery tool and select the location from where you lost your files.

After you choose the location, hit on the “Start” button to begin scanning. You can make changes to these drivers as needed. Update or Reinstall the Driver Drivers are tools that assist Windows in using the hardware properly.

In the Update Driver window, tap on the Search automatically for drivers option and wait for this process to complete. Right-click the computer name at the top, then click Scan for hardware changes. Perform Blue Screen Troubleshoot Troubleshoot is a utility in Windows 10 that can help you fix some common computer problems and can also be used to fix blue screen errors. Remove Pending Updates That Are Not Yet Installed Some additional settings can cause Windows 10 to automatically install updates without notice, which means you can’t know if the update process is going well or if there’s an update that’s stuck and hangs.

In the Command Prompt window, enter the following three commands in sequence and press Enter after each command is entered to execute. Please replace package name with the tag of the not-yet-installed update. Method 8. Check and Repair the Hard Drive If there are bad tracks or errors in your computer’s hard drive, it may lead to “Inaccessible Boot Device” error in Windows Press the Y button again to confirm the check at the next system reboot.

Scan and Remove Viruses and Malware If you have viruses and malware on your computer, it may also cause the “Inaccessible Boot Device” error in Windows Type Windows Security and open it. In the Current threats section, tap on the Scan options.

Switch the default Quick scan to Full scan in the expanded menu, and tap the Scan now button. Wait patiently for the scan to complete, and if any viruses or malware are scanned please remove them promptly. Enter the following commands in turn and press Enter to execute the commands respectively. In the Command Prompt window, type diskpart and press Enter. Type list disk again and press Enter to confirm that the system disk is listed correctly.

Type list vol again and press Enter to confirm that the boot device is listed correctly. If it is not listed correctly, then you may need to repair the boot partition yourself. In the Command Prompt window, type bcdedit and press Enter. Make sure that identifier is set to default and that device and path are pointing to the correct partition. If you cannot confirm the above, it means you need to fix the BCD.

Select your User Account and enter your password , select the system restore point you created earlier based on the time. Then follow the prompts and wait for this process to complete. Restart your computer and see if this error still persists On the next pop up Windows notification, select “Start”. The subsequent Windows notification will require you to format the USB so ensure to have those crucial data stored somewhere before proceeding.

Then click the “Format” button to initiate the process. This will begin creating the bootable drive so try not to eject the USB flash drive during this process.

Some steps on the next actions to take will ensue or you may choose to view the full guide to begin the data recovery process. You may need to exercise some patience as creating bootable drive takes a while before getting the 3 easy techniques on the solution to data recovery. The Recoverit software will automatically launch after initiating the booting process from the bootable drive. David Darlington. Corrupted file system Misbehaving, corrupted or missing filter drivers relating to a storage stack Transferring the hard drive into a different computer with a separate storage controller Changing the mode or settings of the storage controller in the BIOS Choosing a different storage controller rather than the default Windows driver Faulty hardware, most commonly on the motherboard or storage controller Component-based store corruption causing failure to install updates by TrustedInstaller service Corrupted files found in the boot system partition Malware.

To make the Automatic Repair screen appear, press the Power to turn on and hold down five seconds to turn off. Repeat a few times up until the blue screen shows. Note: if the blue screen shows as soon as you boot, skip this step.